Have your say on the Council's Proposed Financial Plan and Budget proposals for 2024-25, and Council Tax proposals

Purpose of the consultation

We have launched a consultation on our budget proposals for 2024-25.


The proposals have been developed under an unprecedented level of financial pressure due mostly to the continued significant increases in children’s and adult social care demand and cost pressures that are consuming an ever-greater proportion of the council’s resources.


Since 2011 Bradford Council has had to find over £350m in cuts and savings due to national austerity measures, inflation and increased demand. More recently exceptional inflation and energy prices have put additional pressure on budgets.


In 2023-24 the council used around £48m of one-off reserves to help balance the budget and pay for children’s social care and other pressures. Costs have continued to grow, and the council is forecast to overspend by about £73m in 2023-24. This therefore results in a budget gap of around £121m in 2023 -24.


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