Current consultations

Title Status
Have your say on our new Bradford city centre market proposalsRunning until 18/03/2019
Farnham Road and Park Lane areas - Proposed 20mph zonesRunning until 07/03/2019
Public consultation on Prevention and Early Help estates strategyRunning until 07/05/2019
Bradford Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 123 ListRunning until 13/03/2019
Bradford City Centre - Proposed 20mph zoneRunning until 05/03/2019
Consultation on the proposal to change Stage 2 of the school travel appeals process contained in the Home to School Travel and Transport Policy for Children of Compulsory School Age and the Post 16 Transport Policy StatementRunning until 15/03/2019
Registering your interest in self-build and custom house buildingRunning until 31/05/2019