A National Nature Reserve for Bradford

Purpose of the consultation

City of Bradford Metropolitan District council


A National Nature Reserve for Bradford


Natural England and Bradford Council are working together to create a new National Nature Reserve in the Bradford District.

This new National Nature Reserve will celebrate the stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife we have in and around Bradford. National Nature Reserves also help protect, restore and help us to appreciate and restore nationally important biodiversity (animals and plants) and/or geodiversity (e.g., rocks, fossils, minerals and landforms). They are also places for people to come and enjoy nature, learn more about it and do something to help nature close to where they live.

As a potential visitor, we are interested to hear your thoughts about where the National Nature Reserve should be.


Details of where you can find more information

More about the existing protected wildlife sites in Bradford is available on the find protected sites in the Bradford District page.

More about the Natural England have published their National Nature Reserves (NNRs) Selection Principles.


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