Beacon Road, Bradford Construction of Road Humps

Purpose of the consultation



Section 90C Highways Act 1980

Construction of Road Humps


Beacon Road, Bradford


Notice is Hereby Givenpursuant to Section 90C of the Highways Act 1980 that City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council proposes to construct road humps under its powers contained in the Highways Act 1980 on Beacon Road, Bradford. The Locations, Nature and Dimensions of the proposed road humps will be as follows: -



Type of Feature

Total at each location


Beacon Road

71m from its junction with Cooper Lane

Blacktop cushions


1.9m wide, 1.9m long

75mm high

Beacon Road

Adjacent to property

No. 526, No. 494, No. 297, No. 239/241

No. 219, No. 199/201,No. 187/189

No. 175, No. 159, No. 109

Adjacent to Beacon Community Church / No. 172

Adjacent to Madrassa Tul-Madina (No. 71)

No. 41/41A,No. 24/26

Blacktop cushions


1.9m wide, 1.9m long

75mm high

Beacon Road

On either side of Pedestrian refuge. Adjacent to properties:

No. 315 & 317 , No. 311 & 313 , No. 38 & 40

No. 64 / No. 1 Thorncroft Road

Blacktop cushions


1.9m wide, 1.9m long

75mm high

Beacon Road

Adjacent to property

No.402/404 ,No. 382/384, No. 13/15

Blacktop plateau


75mm high,

9m to 10m wide,

9m long


Copies of Drawing Numbered:- HS/TRSS/105670/CON-1A and CON-2A showing the affected roads may be examined during normal office hours at the Customer Services Reception, Ground Floor, City Hall, Bradford, BD1 1HY or can be found below or obtained from (Shahid Aziz) Engineer - Traffic & Road Safety, Planning, Transportation & Highways by email Quoting reference number HS/TRSS/105670/SA.


If you wish to object to the proposed road humps you should send the grounds for your objection in writing either by post to the address below or by email to to be received no later than 12 noon on 10 November 2023 quoting reference:-  CORP/PCD/JLF/415081.


Dated: 19 October 2023


Director of Legal and Governance

Legal and Democratic Services

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City Hall


BD1 1 HY


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