Speed Limit Order: Ilkley and Ben Rhydding 20mph zone

Purpose of the consultation

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council


(Speed Limit) (No.8) Order 2023

105016 Ilkley and Ben Rhydding 20mph Zone


Notice is hereby given that City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council made the above Order on 21 September 2023 under its powers contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the general effect of which will be to introduce a 20 miles per hour Speed Limit on the following lengths of roads:


       i.         Albany Walk, Alexandra Crescent, All Saints Court, Annandale Court, Ash Close, Ash Grove, Ash Street, Ashburn Place, Ashlands Road, Back Albany Walk, Back Bolton Bridge Road, Back Brewery Road East, Back Brewery Road West, Back Cunliffe Road, Back Grove Road, Back Middleton Road, Back Mornington Road, Back Parish Ghyll Road, Back Richmond Place, Back St James’ Road North, Back St James’ Road South, Back St. Margaret’s Terrace, Back Trafalgar Road North, Back Trafalgar Road South, Back Victory Road West, Back Wells Walk, Back Weston Road, Backstone Lane, Backstone Way, Backstone View, Bath Street, Beacon Rise, Beamsley View, Beanlands Parade, Beechwood Grove, Belle Vue, Belmont Road, Ben Rhydding Road, Beverley Rise, Birchwood Court, Blackthorn Road, Bolling Road, Bolton Bridge Road, Booths Yard, Brackenwood Close, Brewery Road, Briarfield Close, Bridge Lane, Briery Close, Brighton Road, Brodrick Drive, Brook Street, Cardan Drive, Castle Gate, Castle Hill, Castle Road, Castle Yard, Chantry Close, Chantry Drive, Chapel Lane, Cheltenham Avenue, Cherry Grove, Chestnut Close, Church Street, Clifton Road, Colbert Avenue, College Drive, Connaught Road, Constable Road, Craiglands Park, Craiglands Road, Craigmore Drive, Crescent Terrace, Crossbeck Close, Crossbeck Road, Cunliffe Road, Curlew Close, Dale Croft, Dale View, Dean Street,Easby Close, Easby Drive , East Parade, Eaton Road, Fern Gardens, Fieldway, Ghyll Mews, Ghyll Wood, Golden Butts Road, Gordon Street, Grange Avenue, Grange Close, Grange Estate, Greendown Close, Grove Avenue, Grove Road, Gyhll Royd, Hampshire Close, Hawksworth Street, Heath Park, Heather Court, Hebers Ghyll Drive, Hebers Grove, High Wheatley, High Wood, Hollingwood Gate, Hollingwood Park, Hollingwood Rise, Holme View, Hydro Close, Ilkley Hall Mews, Ilkley Hall Park, Ivy Court, Keighley Road, Kings Avenue, Kings Close, Kings Road, Kingsway Drive, Leamington Road, Leamington Terrace, Middleton Road, Moorfield Road, Moorlands, Mornington Road, Mount Pleasant, Nelson Road, Nesfield View, New Brook Street, Nile Road, North Croft Grove Road, North Parade, Oakburn Road, Oaklands, Old Bridge Rise, Old Lane, Panorama Drive, Parish Ghyll Drive, Parish Ghyll Lane, Parish Ghyll Road, Parklands, Pinewood Close, Premiere Park, Princess Road, Queen's Drive, Queen's Drive Lane, Queen's Gardens, Queen's Road, Railway Road, Regency Court, Regent Road, Rhyddings Gardens, Richmond Place, Riddings Road, Rivadale View, Rombald's View, Rombalds Lane, Saddlers Croft, Sedbergh Park, Sefton Drive, Shannon Close, Skelda Rise, South Hawksworth Street, South Parade, Southway, Springfield Avenue, Springs Lane, St Helen's Way, St James' Road, St John's Road, St Margaret's Terrace, St Mary's Close, St Paul's Grove, Station Road, Stockeld Road, Stockeld Way , Strathmore Road, Sunset Drive, The Crescent, The Grove, The Haywain, The Lutyens, Tivoli Place, Trafalgar Road, Undercliffe Rise, Unnamed road to south of Regent Road, Unnamed road to east of Tivoli Place, Upper Parish Ghyll Lane, Vale Gardens, Valley Drive, Valley Road, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Close, Victoria Drive, Victoria Gardens, Victoria Grove, Victoria Road, Victory Road, Warlbeck, Wellington Road, Wells Promenade, Wells Road, Wells Walk, West Parade, West Street, Weston Road, Westville Avenue, Westville Road, Westwood Drive, Westwood Rise, Wharfe View Road, Wharfedale Drive, Wheatlands, Wheatley Avenue, Wheatley Close, Wheatley Gardens, Wheatley Grove, Wheatley Rise, Wheatley Road, Whitton Croft Road, Wilmot Road, Wilton Road, Woodlands, Woodlands Close, Woodlands Grove, Woodlands Rise, Woodroyd Gardens, Wyvil Crescent, Wyvil Road, Yewbank Close, Yewbank Terrace

     ii.         Cowpasture Road from its junction with Station Road to a point 117m west of its junction with Maxwell Road

    iii.         Denton Road from a point 15m east of its junction with Middleton Ave to a point 27m east of its junction with Clifford Road

    iv.         Leeds Road from its junction with Brook Street to a point 50m northeast of its junction with Lower Wellington Road

     v.         Middleton Avenue from its junction with New Brook Street to a point 50m north of its junction with Denton Road

    vi.         Skipton Road from its junction with Bolton Bridge Road to a point 85m west of its junction with Stockeld Road

  vii.         Wheatley Lane from a point 55m south of its junction with Coutances Way to its junction with Ben Rhydding Road


The Order comes into force on 3 November 2023 and a copy of the Order together with a map showing the affected roads may be examined below or during normal office hours at the Customer Services Reception, City Hall, Bradford, BD1 and Ilkley Library, quoting reference number P/HS/THN/105016/CON-2C.


If you wish to question the validity of the Order, or of any provision contained therein on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or on the grounds that any requirements of that Act or of any Instrument made under it, have not been complied with in relation to the Order, you may, within six weeks from the date upon which the Order was made 21 September 2023 apply to the High Court for this purpose.


Dated this 21st day of September 2023


Director of Legal and Governance

Legal and Democratic Services

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City Hall



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