Duncombe Road, Bradford - installation of small waste incineration plant

Purpose of the consultation

Purpose of consultation

The Environmental Health Service had received an application under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 to authorise a small waste incineration plant. The proposal was for a pyrolysis plant which uses rubber tyres or refuse derived fuel (RDF) as the feedstock for the process. The plant is classed as an incineration facility.


The applicants are The End Journey Ltd and the intention is to locate the small incineration plant at 544 Duncombe Road (near the corner of Duncombe Road and Cemetery Road).


The application was refused by the Council and The End Journey Ltd have submitted an appeal to the Secretary of State. This consultation process is to enable local businesses, residents and other interested parties to view the details of the application and make any submissions about that application and the Council’s refusal of it, to the Inspectorate that is hearing the appeal.


How do I comment to the Inspectorate on the application and appeal?


If you wish to make a comment in relation to the proposed application then you can do this through email to


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