Proposals to naturalise Bradford Beck

Purpose of the consultation

Bradford Council will hold virtual and public facing engagement sessions to seek local residents' views on its £3.25m proposals to transform Bradford Beck on Canal Road.


The project which creates a new wildlife friendly park, also reduces the risk of flooding caused by a section the beck which currently runs through an underground concrete tunnel, constricting the water flow. Proposals to resolve this involve bringing the beck into the open air along with transformative changes to the landscape for local communities to enjoy.


Proposed landscape changes to bring benefits to local residents include:


        Adding footpaths, seating, and signing along the beck route, creating a park with heightened access to and enjoyment of green space

        Creating new areas of wildflower meadows, wet meadow, woodland and shrubbery to enhance local wildlife, with accompanying details of plant and wildlife species along the route via interpretation boards

        Improving the area and facilities around the cycle path to promote more leisure and commuter travel

        Reducing the risk of flooding in the local area by removing the existing constraint on water flow caused by the current concrete culvert


Funding for this scheme is being provided by European Structural Investment Fund and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.


The completed scheme is expected to be delivered by Summer 2023.


How do I have my say?


Details of the proposals are available to view online at and will be at each session where members of the project team will be available to answer questions about them.


Sessions will be held on Wednesday, 15 December from 10am to 2pm with a virtual webinar will on 6 January 2022 from 6pm to 7pm.


There is also an online survey at