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Objection to sale of green field off Elliott Street, below The Hive Community Centre

We the undersigned petition the council to take note of our strong message that as a community, we do not want to see the green field adjoining the Hive in Silsden sold or developed for housing. This land which is one of the only green spaces in Silsden, is of huge importance to our community and heavily utilised by all ages for recreation, leisure and sport purposes. Bradford Council must listen to local people and we demand that our local authority do not build on this precious green open space.

This green field is the only large green space on the West Side of Silsden for children to play in a safe environment. The other large green space is the park on the East side of Silsden, which means that children from the West side would need to cross the busy main road in order to access it.

The field has been an open space for the public to use for recreation, leisure and sport purposes for over 40 years and whilst Silsden Primary School use the field for Sports Day and the occasional PE lesson, the public use the facility extensively.

The Hive Community Centre have run various events on the field for the community to enjoy and it would be disappointing to cease these type of events.

At the bottom of the field is a marsh land that leads to the Leeds and Liverpool canal. We are aware of various wildlife who live in this area, in particular 'Honky Tonk' our swan who has nested there for many years. Along with newts, natterjack toads, insects and birds

This ePetition runs from 01/10/2021 to 30/11/2021.

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