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Objection to South Bradford Park and Ride using Rooley Park Access Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Cease the exploration of using the only access road into the Rooley Park/Northern View development as means for buses to enter and/or exit the proposed South Bradford Park & Ride Scheme and consider a viable alternative proposed below.

Despite this Scheme being at least 18 months into development, residents have only recently been informed via a mail drop that contains very little detail. Residents are of course generally supportive of the Council's green initiatives, but after requesting meetings we have managed to obtain some more detailed plans that show the P&R using the Rooley Park access road as the entry/exit for the P&R buses. Cars will enter via Staithgate Lane. There has been zero consideration to residents of Rooley Park, or Rooley Crescent on the impact on residents' quality of life, health, pollution, disturbance, noise, access, maintenance or property values.

Pollution/Health - the proposals do not commit to the use of electric only buses. Although this may reduce pollution in the city centre, it is simply being redistributed very close to residential areas by the M606. Currently, Rooley Avenue experiences traffic at evening peak times, with cars idling and queuing to/from Odsal and Staithgate roundabouts. The creation of the P&R will increase this in the area because traffic lights will be implemented to allow buses to cut across Rooley Avenue into Richard Dunn, meaning even at non-peak times there is creation of idling traffic. The evening idling traffic will not reduce by 500 P&R spaces, leaving an overall worse effect to residents. The lack of commitment towards electric only buses is an obvious concern where the Rooley Park development is very close in proximity, in fact many houses will overlook the newly proposed road beyond the current access road perimeter. As it stands, we calculate between 96 and 104 buses per day using the access road. We have queried whether Nitrogen Oxide tests have been carried out on Rooley Avenue but this question has thus far not been responded to.

Research & Necessity - It is clear from 2 residential zoom calls with the Council that there has been no research carried out to assess the effectiveness of a P&R Scheme. Over 2 calls, residents have been given two figures on the number of vehicles exiting M606 daily - between 38k and 50k. The P&R proposes 500-1000 spaces. No research has been done as to how many of these vehicles travel onwards towards towards the city centre. Our experience of living in the area is that the busiest periods along Mayo Ave/Rooley Ave and Rooley Lane are in the evening when people are returning home from work. This leads us to believe not many people coming up the M606 prior to the evening rush hour are actually travelling onwards to the city centre. City centre parking is very cheap and although the council and private developers can change this at their own discretion there is nothing proposed that would encourage use of a park and ride.

Access - The entry road to Northern View is the only access road servicing 109 homes. The road is narrow, so narrow in fact that there are only road markings for 1/4 of the road. No consideration has been given to access for emergency vehicles, traffic disruption in the event of breakdown or whether two vehicles of substantial size can actually pass each other. The land is not maintained by the Council, and residents have had to fund maintenance from our own pockets. Further, bicycles and pedestrians will have access via this route, creating a thoroughfare on a private development. Finally, an entry point from the M606 via Staithgate lane will concentrate vehicles into a single carriageway creating yet more traffic. As recently as late 2020, residents had to engage the local fire service to address illegal parking on the access road. It takes 1 vehicle to make the area very very dangerous for residents.

House Values - Via zoom calls, arrogant council representatives have advised that house prices will be unaffected, if not appreciate due to a local park and ride and reduced pollution. Clearly this is not true, and we would encourage the council to prove the pollution argument and compare house prices pre/post P&

This ePetition runs from 26/08/2021 to 30/09/2021.

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