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Speed abatement Stony Lane and Stonehall Road Eccleshill BD2

We the undersigned petition the council to 1. Install speed cameras for Stony Lane and Stonehall Road 2. Make the stretch from Pullan Avenue junction end of Stonehall Road through to end of Stony Lane / Junction with Victoria Road a 20mph zone Daily, there are drivers speeding through what are narrow roads, with cars parked either side and what is a bus-route. Speeds can be double or more the existing 30mph. Stony Lane is very narrow and collision risk / human injury risk is high. Stonehall Road runs alongside a well-used (increasingly enjoyed) recreation ground used by children and dog-walkers and the elderly who live in apartments at the other side of Stonehall Road. High-powered cars are regular heard before being seen speeding up and down the street and speed abatement will minimise the inevitable risk of injury or even death of resident(s) in these areas. When asked to slow down, drivers are often very aggressive to and even threaten violence to concerned residents.

A times the parking on Stony Lane is also (parked on double yellow lines) an issue for buses passing but this increases the risk of speeding cars causing harm to passers by either by direct collision with someone crossing the road or another vehicle or through loss of control of their vehicle at high speed.
Multiple reports have been made to police by many residents. Steerside have responded by stating that they will be providing some 'temporary speed monitoring / enforcement' and suggested Highways were also notified. However this petition is aimed at drawing more support for the abatement measures which are so much needed; especially in a village centre setting where 20mph speed limit is much more appropriate for safety.

This ePetition runs from 24/08/2021 to 20/10/2021.

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