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Park Street, Shipley

We the undersigned petition the council to Close off vehicular traffic access from the top (north) end of Park Street, Shipley to the A650 Bradford Road.

Park Street is a residential street and is currently used by traffic as a cut-through between Bradford Road and Saltaire Road. Drivers regularly exceed the 20mph speed limit. The benefits would be:
1. Reduction of noise & air pollution, particularly when vehicles accelerate up the hill. People should to be able to enjoy the small gardens on Park Terrace and Park Avenue and the Park Street residents whose houses open directly onto the Park Street should be able to enjoy having windows open in the summer.
2. Pedestrian safety - in particular children playing on the recreation ground adjacent.
3. Pet safety - several neighbours have had cats killed or injured on Park Street
4. Wildlife safety- the local hedgehog population has disappeared in recent years and many have been killed on Park Street.
5. Fewer turning movements by vehicles from Saltaire Road onto Park Street and a complete stop to turning movements from Park Street onto the A650 Bradford Road thus improving safety.

This ePetition runs from 11/07/2021 to 22/08/2021.

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