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Traffic and fly tipping BD5

We the undersigned petition the council to Streets in BD5 are filthy, often with fly tipped waste, and young drivers race up and down at high speed on motorcycles and cars. Silverdale Road and Arnside Road are particularly bad. Please could the speed on both roads be reduced to 20mph, and could the roads at the top be blocked at the top of each end house to prevent the traffic rat runs and to prevent vans from fly tipping? Youths often congregate in cars along the top adjoining road, and they disgard their empty food and drink cartons on the grass, and have been seen dealing drugs. If the road was blocked at the top, this behaviour would also be prevented.

The area has a massive litter and fly tipping problem which the council often has to sort out. Operation Steerside WY Police is aware of the high speed at which vehicles drive around these streets, and noisy bikes are often heard riding up and down the streets in the late hours.

This ePetition runs from 03/04/2021 to 15/05/2021.

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