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Keep Green Space on the former college Keighley land

We the undersigned petition the council to Keep the land which was the former Keighley College building as a green space

The demolition of the former Keighley College building at the top of Cavendish Street has provided Keighley Town Centre with a fantastic additional green space .
It has improved the appearance of the town centre and compliments the appearance of the  nearby Town Hall Square.
In future it could be used to hold family events and gatherings and become a place for the community and also provide outdoor education opportunities.  It could also be used to plant trees in an effort to reduce harmful pollution created by traffic flowing through the town .
There are numerous possibilities and we as a community can influence this by having our say
The site is owned by Bradford Council and we are able to petition them to to keep it as a Green Urban Space

This ePetition runs from 25/01/2021 to 08/03/2021.

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