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Ilkey Parking and Parking Charges

We the undersigned petition the council to I call upon Bradford Council to create a long-term plan regarding parking issues in Ilkley.

Currently, BDMC have launched a consultation into parking within Ilkley, and the proposals put forward will not benefit the Ilkley or wider community who regularly visit the town of Ilkley. This is a short-term measure which does not adequately address the parking issues faced by the community. What’s required is a long-term sustainable strategy which benefits the whole community and Ilkley visitors.

The strategy seeks to align parking charges with those of Skipton and Ilkley, however, I believe that such a short-term policy will adversely affect Ilkley businesses and residents.

If we are to raise parking charges, then increased parking charges should aligned across the whole of Bradford district. Bradford’s approach could significantly reduce foot fall into already struggling local businesses and affect the Ilkley tourist trade.

Other concerns include the effect that such an increase would have on people who work or commute to Ilkley, that is, those people in less well-paid employment.

I would strongly recommend that people sign this petition as this could damage business and employment opportunities in what Bradford have classified a Local Growth Centre, that is an area in which jobs are supposed to be created.

This ePetition ran from 16/10/2018 to 27/11/2018 and has now finished.

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