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Decision Maker: Executive

Made at meeting: 19/05/2020 - Executive

Decision published: 20/05/2020

Effective from: 19/05/2020


Resolved –


(1)       That the Governance Review attached as Appendix 1 to Document “BP” was considered and its conclusions endorsed, including that an Order under S104 and S105 in relation to the changes to constitutional arrangements considered in the Review and the delegation of additional functions to the Combined Authority would be likely to improve the exercise of statutory functions in relation to the Combined Authority’s area.


(2)       That the draft Scheme for the establishment of the Mayoral Combined Authority, attached as Appendix 2 to Document “BP” was considered and commented on.


(3)       That it be agreed that a public consultation exercise is undertaken on the proposals contained in the Scheme and comments invited on the draft consultation questions, which are attached as Appendix 3 to Document “BP”.


(4)       That it be agreed that engagement with the Combined Authority and other Constituent Councils should progress as described in Document “BP” and that the Managing Director of the Combined Authority, in consultation with the Chief Executive and Leader of this Council, be authorised to take any steps to finalise the Scheme and progress the public consultation exercise as set out above.  


(5)       That the updated timetable set out in Appendix 4 to Document “BP” and the next steps including, subject to the approval by the Constituent Councils and Combined Authority, the submission of a summary of the consultation responses to the Secretary of State in August/September 2020 and subsequently the need to consent to any draft Order in September 2020 so that a mayoral combined authority model and associated changes may be adopted and implemented by May 2021, as set out in the Deal be noted.


(6)       That this decision is exempt from call-in on the grounds of urgency, for the reasons set out in paragraph 10.1 of Document “BP”.


ACTION: Chief Executive