Bradford Clean Air Zone Charging Order 2022

Purpose of the consultation

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Bradford Clean Air Zone Charging Order 2022

Transport Act 2000

Notice of consultation


The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (“the Council”) gives notice of consultation on the draft Bradford Clean Air Zone Charging Order 2022 (“the CSO”) as required by 170(1A) of the Transport Act 2000 (“the Act”).


As a result of a Ministerial Direction of the 12th February 2020 the Council was required to implement a Clean Air Zone (“CAZ”) in order to reduce the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (“NO2”) within its District to legal limits within the shortest possible time. Following an initial two month consultation between February and April of 2020 the Council resolved to implement a CAZ on the 2nd of March 2021. Following that decision, further engagement took place with various interest groups and programmes for grant aid and exemptions were developed along with a draft CSO. The exemption scheme came into operation on the 8th of April 2022 and, in response to further feedback from users, amendments have been made to the draft CSO and the Council is now undertaking a final consultation on the CSO content and invites comment on the draft CSO from persons who may be affected by the CAZ or their representatives.


The CAZ will come into operation on the 26th September 2022 and the draft CSO contains provisions which identify the roads which are to be included in the CAZ, specifies the classes of vehicle which are to be charged, how much they are to be charged, and the circumstances when they will be charged. The draft CSO also contains five and ten year plans for the spending of any surplus revenue which may arise from operation of the CAZ (as required by the Act) although the CAZ will not necessarily remain in force for that period. The CSO can be revoked at any time with Government consent if the levels of NO2 are reduced and maintained at legal levels.


The consultation runs from 4 July 2022 until 15 August 2022 and a copy of the draft CSO and CAZ Plans can be viewed below.


Hard copies of the draft CSO and CAZ Plans are available for inspection in reception at City Hall, Hall Ings, Bradford BD1 1HY and also Bingley, Ilkley, Keighley and Shipley Libraries during their normal opening hours.


Following the end of the consultation period the final wording of the CSO may be amended to reflect the consultation responses.


Please note that this consultation is on the proposed content of the CSO and, as a result of the Ministerial Direction and the previous decision of the Council to implement the CAZ, comments relating to the principle of the CAZ are unlikely to be relevant to this consultation although all responses will be noted.

If you have any difficulty accessing the draft CSO or Plans or need them to be provided by alternative methods or in a different format please contact the CAZ Team by telephone on 01274 435533.


All information regarding the Bradford Clean Air Zone can be found on our website.


Here are links directly to the following areas:

·         Exemption information

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Comments on the draft CSO can be made by email or in writing at the following addresses:



In writing: Clean Air Zone Operations, Department of Place, 1st Floor Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX

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