Stocks Lane Area Footpaths, Bradford (Modification) Order 2021

Purpose of the consultation

Notice of confirmation of an order


Section 53 of The Wildlife And Countryside Act 1981 The City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council


The Definitive Map and Statement for Bradford


Stocks Lane Area Footpaths, Bradford  (Modification) Order 2021


On 14th September 2021 The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council confirmed the above Order.  The effect of the Order as confirmed is to modify the definitive map and statement for Bradford by adding two networks of four footpaths at Clayton Heights, to the south of Highgate Road. One network which connects to Littlemoor to the west, Woodlands Grove and Highgate Road to the north, and New House Lane to the east and the other connects to New House Lane to the west, Stocks Lane to the north, Holme Farm Close to the east and the district boundary with Calderdale to the South as shown on the Order map. 


A copy of the Order as confirmed and plan showing the effect of the order may be viewed below. A copy of the Order and Order map has been deposited and may be seen free of charge at Customer Services Centre, ground floor, Britannia House on the corner of Broadway and Bridge Street, Bradford, during normal office hours. Copies of the Order and map may be purchased.


The Order comes into force on 14th September 2021, but if a person aggrieved by the Order desires to question its validity, or that of any provision contained in it, on the ground that it is not within the powers of the above Act, or on the ground that any requirement of that Act, or of any regulation made under the Act has not been complied with in relation to the Confirmation of the Order, he or she may apply to the High Court for any of these purposes under Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act  within six weeks from the date on which notice is first published as required by paragraph 11 of Schedule 15 to that Act. 


Dated this 16th day of September 2021


City Solicitor

Legal and Democratic Services

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City Hall

Bradford   BD1 1HY

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