Farnham Road and Park Lane areas - Proposed 20mph zones

Purpose of the consultation

The Council is proposing to implement 20mph zones around Farnham Road and Park Lane areas to encourage vehicle speeds appropriate for the high levels of pedestrian movement.


20mph zones are a recognised means of reducing road collisions and associated casualties, and are very effective at protecting our most vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians and cyclists, significantly decreasing the risk of being injured in a collision and/or the resulting severity.


There is evidence that even relatively small reductions in mean vehicle speeds can have a positive impact on the rate and severity of collisions. In addition to the road safety benefits, such schemes also have a positive effect on encouraging walking and cycling activity, as well as helping to reduce the degree of severance of local communities.


The area making up the proposed zone has been carefully selected to include only streets where there are either existing traffic calming measures in place, or the road layout and level of on-street parking and traffic and pedestrian movement already results in vehicle speeds generally around 20mph or below. The proposals would include the introduction of a significant level of signing and lining to highlight the new speed limit.


The proposals are shown within the attached plans within this website. Hard copies of the plans showing the affected roads and the Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Order may be examined during normal office hours at the Customer Services Reception, Ground Floor, City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY.


If you wish to object to the proposed Order you should send the grounds for your objection in writing either by post to the address below or by e-mail to to be received no later than 12 noon on 7 March 2019 quoting reference: CORP/PCD/LD/403710.


City Solicitor

Legal and Democratic Services

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City Hall

Bradford BD1 1HY

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