City Centre Local Development Order - Priority Streets

Purpose of the consultation

In 2014 the Council adopted two Local Development Orders (LDO's) in the City Centre to promote shopping and residential uses. These were subsequently renewed for a further three years in March 2018.


Bradford city centre is a key economic driver in the District.


Bradford Council is proposing an additional LDO to reduce high vacancy rates within the city centre and attract new business uses by easing planning restrictions for new and existing businesses on those streets covered by the existing City Centre Growth Priority Streets Scheme. It will support the vitality and viability of the city centre by allowing flexible uses of existing and vacant premises in parts of the city centre. Encouraging alternative uses such as office and leisure and moving away from a reliance on retail will help to strengthen the high street.


The proposed LDO will allow the change of use of buildings within the identified area to:


·         A1: Shops (includes shops, hairdressers, travel and ticket agencies, post offices, dry cleaners, pet shops, sandwich bars)

·         A2: Financial and professional services (includes banks, building societies, estate and employment agencies)

·         A3: Restaurants and cafes (includes snack bars)

·         A4: Drinking establishments (includes public houses, wine bars – but not night clubs)

·         AA: Drinking establishments with extended food provision


The report below was presented to The Executive on 28 September 2018. Its sets out the draft Order and Statement of Reasons and made the following recommendation:


1.    That a consultation exercise be carried out, to be publicised for a period of 6 weeks. 

2.    That any changes required to the LDO as a result of the consultation be agreed by the Strategic Director of Place in consultation with the Portfolio Holder and thereafter it is recommended that the LDO is formally adopted and brought into force with immediate effect.


The Executive accepted this resolution and the Council is now required to consult with internal and external consultees and owners and occupiers of premises within the area covered by the Orders. A six week period of consultation has now begun which expires on 17 December 2018.


How to comment


Representations can be made via email or post quoting ‘Local Development Order’ above by the above date:




The Planning Service
Britannia House
Hall Ings


Supporting documents