Barkerend Active Travel Neighbourhood

Purpose of the consultation

What is this consultation about?


Bradford Council are bringing forward plans for a trial Active Travel Neighbourhood in the Barkerend area of Bradford.


An Active Travel Neighbourhood (ATN) is an area in which vehicle movements and traffic are reduced to create a better environment for walking and cycling and to make the local neighbourhood a more pleasant area to live in. Within Active Travel Neighbourhoods, a range of measures are used to reduce through-traffic, including using planters or bollards to prevent cars travelling along the full length of a road, narrowing roads to reduce the volume of vehicles, or introducing measures such as bus gates to allow only public transport to pass along the length of a road.


Some roads in Barkerend already have temporary or permanent point closures to prevent through-traffic and reduce overall traffic levels. Pedestrians can still travel through these barriers, enabling people to get around the area easily without a car. However, the majority of these are not cycle friendly as they do not have dropped kerbs.


Despite these existing measures, the number of child casualties caused by road traffic accidents in Barkerend is almost double the city average with Upper Seymour Street, Browning Street, Amberley Street, Harewood Street and Gulpin Street still being used as cut-throughs by motorists.


The Barkerend Active Travel Neighbourhood aims to tackle these issues and reduce the high rate of road traffic accidents in the area.


How do I participate in the consultation?


Bradford Council wants to consult the local community to test the level of local support for introducing a trial Active Travel Neighbourhood to reduce through-traffic and make neighbourhood streets safer and more pleasant for walking, cycling and spending time outdoors.


We want to understand how the local community feel about the proposals to trial an Active Travel Neighbourhood in Barkerend and design the Active Travel Neighbourhood proposals with input from the local community. In order to do this, we need the help of local residents to understand what measures we could put in place to manage traffic issues in your area.


To find out more about the proposed trial scheme and to participate in the consultation, visit