Shipley Streets For People

Purpose of the consultation

Bradford Council aims to create an area in Shipley that feels pleasant, safe and attractive.


We want Shipley to be one of the best places to live, work and visit


Shipley Streets for People plans to improve Shipley Town Centre with a focus on the market square.


We want to reduce road traffic accidents, noise and air pollution.


Improving accessibility, seating and shelter to encourage people, particularly our most vulnerable, to get out and about more, enjoying the town centre is also priorities.


Shipley Streets for People aims to increase footfall for local shops and the market as well as improving links to wider town centre, local amenities and the railway station. 


Bradford Council will engage with local residents and community groups as proposals are developed. We will ensure that future programmes work with the scheme in order to make the best use of the available funding.


The District Growth Scheme, offering rate relief to boost jobs and investment, will also be considered as part of Shipley Streets for People.


Shipley Streets for People


During the recent lockdown, more people have been walking and cycling, both for work and for leisure. Being active is great for mental and physical health and wellbeing, with regular cycling reducing the risk of diseases like heart disease and stroke by up to a third.


What are the Healthy Streets principles?


Shipley Town Centre is part of the Streets for People initiative which focuses on creating safe and healthy places. Any new design will take into consideration a number of factors, including traffic management, reducing air pollution, creating places which help people to interact and encouraging sustainable methods of transport such as cycling, walking and public transportation.


The initiative has been awarded £1m of funding through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Integrated Transport Block programme as part of its West Yorkshire Transport Strategy 2040 delivery.


The projects tie into the Inclusive Growth, Environment, Health and Well-being and Places core themes of the West Yorkshire Transport Strategy 2040, with a focus on creating safe and healthy street environments, which work well for all people and help them live active, healthy lives in areas of good air quality.


We want to hear what you think


What kind of changes do you want to see in the centre of Shipley? What would benefit you and your community?


We want to hear from you.


Tell us what you want to see in your area and let us know how public spaces can be improved in Shipley town centre.


The team at Bradford Council want to enhance the Shipley town centre and make changes to help local people to become healthier.


Tell us what you think now


Please complete the online survey by Sunday, 4 April 2021.


Are there any other ways to get involved?


We will be holding two separate virtual drop-in session for stakeholders and the general public. This will provide the participants with an opportunity to speak to project managers and designers, get an in-depth look at the proposals and raise any burning questions or issues they may have.

              The stakeholder drop-in session will take on 10 March 2021 at 4.30pm -5.30pm

              The public drop-in session will take place on 17 March 2021 at 5.30pm-6.30pm


If you are interested in attending the meeting as a member of the public, please register your attendance for the event here.


If you own a business or hold responsibility for a community affected by the proposals and have yet to receive an invite to the stakeholder meeting, please register for the event here.


What’s next?


The responses and feedback received in this consultation will be analysed to determine the main priorities and concerns of users of the town centre. This feedback will then be transmitted back to our designers who will use it to inform their design proposals.




Our frontline teams are focused on responding to the Coronavirus to ensure residents, particularly those most vulnerable, have the support they need. Visit for information on our response to COVID-19.


Social distancing means we have to change the way we engage with the community but we are working on new ways to do this remotely so that you can continue to have your say and help shape the positive changes happening in your area.


The COVID-19 pandemic has given new urgency to the question of how we share our public spaces and how to increase the health of our community.


What is the Shipley Streets for People consultation about?


Shipley Streets plans to improve Shipley Town Centre with a focus on the market square. We aim to make the town centre safer, accessible, and more environmentally friendly while boosting trade and footfall in local shops and the market.


We want the people of Shipley to have their say and local knowledge reflected in these plans to improve the town centre.


What is a Streets for People approach?


The Streets for People’ scheme aims to create safe and healthy street environment which will well for everyone helping them live active, healthy lives in areas with good air quality. This means it seeks to put into place measures which enhances people’s experience when walking, cycling, and using public transport more often, while reducing their reliance on cars.  


What are the main things you are looking to improve?


We have developed a three-pronged approach to improving Shipley town centre. Our focus will be geared towards gaining an insight into three distinct domains that forms part of our strategy:


Transport:  how to best accommodate the people of Shipley’s mode of travel and habits by implementing a design that would engender more walking and cycling.


Health, safety and environment: improving the environment so residents feel safer and ensuring their health is not hindered by any unwelcome activities or pollution.


Leisure and shopping: enhancing the appeal of the town centre so it draws and immerses people in the town centre and market.


The survey has several improvements listed under each of these themes and asks respondents to rate certain features (on a scale of 1-10) that would improve the town. There is an opportunity to leave an open-ended response to include anything else you believe we may have missed for each theme.


What area does this consultation cover?


The consultation is focused on the market square, but consideration is given to nearby roads and spaces which people use to access the market square.


Why do you require personal details (i.e. postcode, age, resident, employee etc)?


Collecting data in this way allows us to ensure this survey is representative on a wide range of people who could use the town centre.


Can I have a hardcopy version of the survey instead?


Yes, we can send you a hardcopy. Paper surveys will be delivered to your doorstep and can be sent back via freepost. Please call 0203 092 0401 weekdays anytime between 9am and 5pm , saying you are calling on behalf of the Shipley Streets for People engagement and would like a paper survey posted. Your name, address and postcode will be required. 


What is the Streets for People programme?


The Streets for People approach is a system of policies and strategies to deliver healthier, more inclusive places where people choose to walk, cycle and use public transport. 


This approach is being applied to 5 demonstration projects in West Yorkshire, which are a mixture of road safety and active travel initiatives being funded through the Integrated Transport Block (ITB) and managed though the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, with each partner council leading their individual project.  There is £1m allocated to each project from the Integrated Transport Block.


The Streets for People programme time scale for delivery is by March 2022.


Is funding available for this project?


Yes. There are two areas of funding that has been identified for our proposals and the information you provide will help us make the best possible decisions about where to spend this.


How is this project being funded?


Bradford Council has funding for improvements in Shipley town centre to make this area more pleasant, safe, and attractive through the West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Fund Block and £1 million is allocated to this project, for delivery by March 2022.


We want to reduce noise and air pollution and improve accessibility to make sure that everyone can get out and about. Ultimately, we hope this will deliver a healthier, more inclusive area where people choose to walk, cycle and use public transport.


Is this related to the Shipley Towns Fund that has been announced?


The Streets for People scheme is separate to the Towns Fund process though we are working to ensure they are complementary to each other.


The Towns Fund is a £3.6 billion pledge by the government to improve the local economy of towns and cities across the country. The fund is specifically focused on ‘levelling up’ areas across the country by focusing on investing in the infrastructure, improving connectivity, and boosting productivity. 


As a recipient of the Town Fund, Shipley is expected to improve for the better in the next 5-10 years with major changes and developments taking place. The Streets for People consultation will help feed into the work of the Towns Fund board as they make headways into delivering further investment into Shipley via the Towns Fund.