Parental travel assistance budget consultation

Purpose of the consultation

What is the consultation about?


Consultation on the proposal to change Parental Travel Budget (PTAB) payment from 75 pence per mile to 45 pence per mile, and remove the minimum payment and additional payments in lieu of escorts


A PTAB is the rate paid to some parents / carers who transport their child to and from school and is one type of travel arrangement available for local authorities under Section 508B of the Education Act 1996 (the Act). The Act deals with the duty on local authorities to make such travel arrangements as they consider necessary to facilitate attendance at school for eligible children.


The current PTAB rate awarded by Bradford Council is 75p per mile for compulsory school aged children. The rate of 75p per mile was agreed in 2016 when here were 100 children and young people in receipt of this type of travel assistance. Since 2016 the number of children and young people in receipt of PTABs has more than doubled. We are entitled to consider the Public purse when making these arrangements and must also consider the duty of best value. We have also considered the rates that are applied by our neighbouring authorities. These vary from 45 to 50 pence per mile.


Bradford Council currently awards a minimum mileage allowance of £6 per day for 5-7 year olds and £9 per day for 8-16 year olds.


Bradford Council currently awards parents / carers of pupils who require a shared escort an extra allowance of £1.39 per day and those who require a dedicated escort, an extra allowance of £5 per day.


The proposal under consideration is that the new PTAB rate of 45p per mile is introduced to bring it in line with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) rate. The proposal also includes the removal of the minimum mileage allowance and the shared and dedicated escort allowance


How can I make comments?


If you wish to make representation on the proposal to change the payments

Post to

Service Manager

Travel Assistance Service

Margaret McMillan Tower

Princes Way




Or email to:


Or go online at


There is a survey that you can complete to help us in our decision making process. We welcome your views.


How long does the consultation last?

All comments and responses must be made by midnight on 31 January 2021