Consultation on Clean Air Zone proposals

Purpose of the consultation

Please complete the survey that best describes you or your business:


1.    Bradford residents, workers and visitors  

2.    Businesses with a fleet

3.    Hackney carriage and private hire owners, operators and drivers

4.    Businesses without a fleet

5.    Coach and bus operators


We are seeking the views of the people living, working and making journeys in Bradford and the wider district on its proposals to improve air quality and the health of residents.


Bradford is one of 28 local authorities across the country that have been identified by the government as needing to develop and implement solutions to address air quality concerns and comply with legal air pollution limits. These solutions are required to reduce the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) across the district in the shortest possible time.


Poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK. Long-term exposure to air pollution can cause chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases including lung cancer, leading to reduced life expectancy.


Bradford has one of the best health research programmes in the world. Our own researchers at Born in Bradford have made the following findings:


·         Exposure to polluted air during pregnancy increases the risk of babies being born with a low birth weight, and a smaller head circumference. Both of these are predictors of later ill-health.

·         In Bradford, up to 687 of annual childhood asthma cases may be attributable to air pollution (38% of the total amount).

·         In Bradford, 55% of the population are exposed to levels of air pollution above legal guidelines. Air pollution is linked to around 200 preventable deaths each year and causes the ill-health of other residents in the district - particularly those with cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.


Following a detailed technical review and an initial public consultation, the preferred option is a Class C charging Clean Air Zone. A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) defines an area where targeted action is taken to improve air quality. A charging CAZ requires drivers and vehicle operators to pay a daily charge to enter or move within that zone if they are driving a vehicle that does not meet the emissions standard for their vehicle type (known as non-compliant vehicles). We are proposing to charge non-compliant heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), buses, coaches, mini-buses, light goods vehicles (LGVs), hackney carriages and private hire vehicles (PHVs). Our proposals do not include charges for private cars. Additional financial measures, incentives and exemptions are being considered as part of the proposals.


·         Plan of proposed CAZ boundary

·         Clean Air Zone Charging Table


There are also information events planned:


·         Wednesday, 19 February – Hockney Room, Margaret McMillan Tower, Bradford, 11am to 8pm.

·         Monday, 2 March - Main Hall, Keighley Central Hall, 1pm to 8pm.

·         Thursday, 5 March - Hockney Room, Margaret McMillan Tower, Bradford, 1pm to 8pm

·         Wednesday, 11 March -  Ilkley Town Hall council chamber, 4pm to  8pm

·         Thursday, 12 March - Meeting Rooms 1 and 2, Shipley Library, 1pm to  8pm


There will be presentations at 1.30pm and 6.30pm with opportunities to view information about the proposals and meet Bradford Council staff.


Separate drop-in sessions are planned for taxi drivers:


·         Monday, 24 February - Bradford Khidmat Centre, 11am to 2pm

·         Tuesday, 25 February - Keighley Central Hall, 11am to 2pm

·         Wednesday, 26 February - Girlington Community Centre, 11am to 2pm


Further information about the Clean Air Plan can be found at