Bradford Libraries consultation

Purpose of the consultation

Bradford Council is launching a public consultation exercise about the future direction of our Libraries Service.


In the last 12 months we have undertaken a detailed needs analysis (PDF) and district wide engagement, including a library profiles document (PDF) - you can read the feedback we received (PDF).


This has played a huge role in informing this decision on libraries, and change of approach.


There is a growing recognition of the significant and positive impact that libraries have on wider priorities across the District. 


The evidence from our recent outreach shows that we currently provide a comprehensive district-wide service that delivers value to local residents.


However, the current model on its own is not financially sustainable in the long term and residents expect to see libraries evolving and being more connected to communities.


Libraries now provide more than the traditional service where people go to read and loan books. They are places where reading, literacy, learning and personal enrichment take place and they also have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our residents.


In recognition of the wider impact libraries have and in particular in improving health outcomes, tackling poverty, addressing social isolation, assisting people back into employment, and helping with school readiness, the Council is exploring wider funding opportunities which would help support ambitions for a sustainable library service which meets local needs.


This feedback from our outreach has resulted in the Council re-assessing our budget considerations and savings of £1.05m which were required for Bradford Council’s library service for 2020-21 are now being partly met by a base budget of £700k from Public Health, subject to approval following consultation.


The funding will be on-going and used to support a change in how the Council delivers libraries in the district. Bradford Council is currently exploring other avenues for further new funding.


Bradford Council is now presenting proposal for a new library ‘vision’ and ‘library services model’ to residents, staff and stakeholders as part of this consultation exercise.


You can find out more about our vision and new model by reading our consultation document.


How to give your views on our proposal


You can give us your views on our proposal by completing a short survey.


Alternatively you can email us your comments or questions at  or you can drop your written feedback in at one of your local libraries and our staff will make sure it reaches us. 


If you would like to receive a copy of our consultation documents in an alternative language or in easy read or braille format, please email us at the above address or ask a member of our staff at your local library who will be happy to arrange this for you.


During this consultation period the Council will hold a number of public consultation meetings across the district to allow residents to listen to our proposals on the new library model and share their views face-to-face.


Locations and dates for these events can be found below.


Library Consultation meetings


If you require any additional assistance at our consultation meetings in the form of BSL or language requirements, please email





Monday, 17 February

4pm to 6pm

Wibsey Library

Wednesday, 19 February

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Manningham Library

Tuesday, 25 February

2pm to 4pm

Eccleshill Library

Wednesday, 26 February

10.30am to 12.30pm

Keighley Library

Thursday, 27 February

10.30am to 12.30pm

Shipley Library



Equality Impact Assessment

Equality for the public sector is about treating everyone with dignity and respect, and giving all individuals protection against discrimination in any form. It is also about understanding people's different needs, and ensuring these are taken into account when services, policies, or functions are being designed and delivered.


Understanding the potential impact that our decisions may have in terms of equality and inclusion ensures that the district is a place where people are treated with fairness and respect, and that they can access services which take into account their individual needs appropriately.


Undertaking an equality assessment also fulfils the legal duties placed upon the Council in a transparent manner, and helps us to be accountable to the people that we serve.


The Equality Impact Assessment (PDF) will be used in any 2020/21 decisions relation the Library Service.



What happens next?


After this consultation period Bradford Council will continue our conversation on libraries, and will be holding discussions with partners which will help to further shape implementation of the service at a locality level.


Bradford Council is committed to carrying out an extensive and inclusive engagement and consultation process listening to the voices of all stakeholders including staff, library users, partners and residents.


Supporting documents