Ilkley Parking Review

Purpose of the consultation

In June 2019, the Council introduced changes to parking restrictions in Ilkley brought about as a result of the Ilkley Parking Review and subsequent public consultation exercise.


The review was necessary due to the high demand for parking in and around the town centre for a variety of different users including residents, businesses, commuters and visitors.


The changes did not prioritise parking for any individual user group, but did attempt to balance the needs of residents, visitors and Ilkley workers.


Over the past few months, the Council has been monitoring the outcome of the review, and listening to feedback from various users. We have also sought to balance the needs across the zone by redistributing parking from those areas that are busy into areas that are underutilised.


We are now undertaking a public consultation to gain feedback which will help us consider how we can amend restrictions where improvements may be warranted, to assist, we have drafted some proposals for comment.


These proposals address already identified ongoing concerns and observations by amending the review. They are only for consultation, firmer proposals will be formally advertised once feedback has been considered.


The proposals amend the scheme by


1.    Reviewing the number of special staff permits valid in residential areas

2.    Offering discounted annual parking contracts for long stay pay and display areas to Ilkley workers, the number of contracts available will however need to be restricted.

3.    Extending long stay parking areas to accommodate potential demand for annual parking contracts

4.    Addressing areas to the periphery of the scheme where displaced commuter parking causes inconvenience or obstruction.

5.    Introducing some areas on longer stay time limited pay and display parking to allow for visitor stays in excess of two hours.

6.    Introducing  “no waiting” restrictions where existing parking still causes inconvenience or obstruction.

These proposals are shown on the attached plans.



Supporting documents