Call for Sites for employment land

Purpose of the consultation

In accordance with Draft Policy EC3 of the Core Strategy Partial Review (CSPR), Bradford Council is undertaking a focused 'Call for Sites' exercise for employment (B Use Class) related development.


The purpose of the exercise is to identify potential sites that can be technically assessed for their suitability, availability and achievability (including viability) for employment (Use Class B) related development to meet the needs identified for the District.


Sites can be submitted across the District but in accordance with Draft Policy EC3 (CSPR), Bradford Council is specifically interested in suitable sites within the four locations identified in the following broad areas of search:


Within North/North East Bradford.

Within South East Bradford

East and North East of Keighley

Ilkley and wider Wharfedale corridor


The broad areas of search can be viewed using the map.


Any sites submitted will form part of the evidence base the Council is using to draw up its new Local Plan. It is important to note that submitted sites will not necessarily be allocated in the Allocations DPD or that, if allocated, the boundaries will remain the same. The Council may also allocate land not submitted through the 'Call for Sites' process.


The decision on land allocations will be influenced by continuing work on the Local Plan evidence base.


Please note that until such time as any site is formally allocated, any submissions will have no weight as a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications.


Please complete the 'Call the Sites' submission form and return no later than 5pm on Tuesday 24 September 2019. Please note; submissions cannot be accepted without a site plan. There are several websites where site plans can be purchased.

Supporting documents