Core Strategy Partial Review

Purpose of the consultation

The Core Strategy forms an essential part of the Local Plan for Bradford setting out the strategic planning policies for the District and the key policies to help determine planning applications. 


The plan covers a broad range of important policy topics, including housing, employment, transport, retail, leisure and environmental policy areas.  With such a focus it is vital that the Core Strategy is both relevant and up to date. 


In light of significant changes to national planning policy and local strategies since the plan was adopted, the Council started consultation on the scope of a formal review of the plan in January 2019.


The Council has now considered the representations made earlier this year, various impact assessments and the findings from a range of technical evidence in drafting its Core Strategy Partial Review (CSPR) Preferred Options.


Consultation is open from 9am on 30 July 2019 through to 5pm on 24 September 2019 on the preferred options consultation document, supporting evidence and impact assessments.


We are asking for comments on the policies and any suggested changes, alternatives to the preferred policy options and comments on supporting documentation.


For more information, please see the page below:


Core Strategy Partial Review - Preferred Options Report