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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Carol Thirkill, 16 Oxford Street, Clayton, Bradford, , BD14 6RG, 01274 418170, 07846 344071,
Councillor Adrian Farley, C/o City Hall, Bradford, , , BD1 1HY, , 07811 566301,
Councillor Angela Tait, C/o City Hall, Bradford, , , BD1 1HY, , 07582 100591,
Councillor Dale Smith, 10 Craven Park, Menston, Ilkley, , LS29 6EQ, , 07801 669780,
Councillor Julie Humphreys, 27 Cavendish Road, Idle, Bradford, , BD10 9LE, , 07970 822734,
Councillor Nussrat Mohammed, C/o City Hall, Bradford, , , BD1 1HY, , 07828 100962,
Councillor Sarfraz Nazir, C/O City Hall, Bradford, , , BD1 1HY, , 07582 101632,
Councillor Mohammed Shafiq, C/o City Hall, Bradford, , , BD1 1HY, , 07904 120986,
Councillor Mike Pollard, 8 Moorfield Drive, Baildon, Shipley, , BD17 6LQ, 01274 593482, ,
Chair of Children in Care Council, (Address not supplied)
Sue Thompson, (Address not supplied)
Sue Lowndes, (Address not supplied)
Ken Poucher, (Address not supplied)
Suzanne Lythgow, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Brendan Stubbs, 20 Glenaire, Shipley, Bradford, , BD18 1EN, , 07473 845763,
Jill Bell, (Address not supplied)