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Any referrals that have been made to this Committee up to and including the date of publication of this agenda will be reported at the meeting.


The following referrals have been made:



(i)           Council – 13 July 2021


At the meeting of full Council on 13 July 2021 the following motion was considered and referred to the Health & Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee:




Resolved –


Council notes that:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the tremendous work of council and NHS staff. They all deserve to be properly and fairly rewarded for their efforts.
  • Airedale NHS Foundation Trust created a wholly-owned subsidiary, AGH Solutions (AGHS), in 2018. Workers who were transferred over from the Trust into AGHS in 2018 remain on the NHS “Agenda For Change” (AFC) contract, while many new starters and indeed all staff (including those who were TUPED) that register on Bank (i.e. overtime shifts), are paid on the lower AGHS rates, despite doing the same job:


Example Pay Comparison (2020 - 2021)

AGHS Grade A Pay

NHS Band 2

Basic Pay: £9.00ph 

Basic Pay: £9.89ph

Saturday Pay: £9.00ph

Saturday Pay: £14.14ph

Sunday Pay: £9.00ph 

Sunday Pay: £18.29ph


  • The GMB trade union entered into a formal dispute over pay, terms and conditions with AGHS in November 2020, after members repeatedly voted to reject the pay proposals submitted by AGHS, all of which have been significantly less than the NHS pay rates. Members are demanding that AGHS align all staff with the NHS AFC contract.


Council believes that:


  • Equal work deserves equal pay.
  • No one working in the NHS should receive less than the minimum pay, terms and conditions set out in the NHS AFC contract.
  • The GMB demand for harmonisation is reasonable and fair.

Council resolves to:


  • Publicly support the workers in their campaign at Airedale Hospital to achieve harmonisation between AGHS and NHS AFC pay, terms and conditions.
  • Write to the board of directors of both AGHS and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, informing them of our support for the staff in their campaign for equal pay and calling on them to agree to its reasonable and fair demands.
  • Urge everyone to get round the table to talk to resolve this inequality.
  • Refer the matter to Health & Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


ACTION:  Chief Executive (write to AGHS & Airedale NHS Foundation Trust) / City Solicitor (referral to Health & Social Care O&S Committee)



(ii)          Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Committee – 22 July 2021


At the meeting of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 22 July a report was considered on the Full Year Performance Report:




Resolved –


  1. That a further performance report be presented to the Committee which specifically focuses on:


-       Housing;

-       Jobs;

-       Crime and Safety.


  1. This Committee requests that the Health & Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee considers a detailed report on childhood obesity across the District and the effectiveness of approaches being used to tackle childhood obesity.


Action: Strategic Director, Corporate Resources

            Public Health Director



Members noted the following referrals:


·         At its meeting of full Council on 13th July 2021, Members noted the motion that was considered and referred to the Health and Social Care

Overview and Scrutiny Committee:


·         At its meeting of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 22nd July 2021, the Committee considered the Full Year Performance report. Members noted the recommendations agreed at this meeting.


Resolved -


(i)           That no further action required: and


(ii)          That the matter be referred to the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee pending consultation between the Chairs of both Committees



ACTION: Scrutiny Lead Officer