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The report of the Director, West Yorkshire Pension  Fund (WYPF)  (Document “P”) provides an update on WYPF’s pensions administration activities over the last six months.


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That Document “P” be noted.

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The report of the Director, West Yorkshire Pension Fund (Document “P”) was presented to the Board to provide an update on the administrative work carried out during the previous six months.


In addition to providing pensions administration to West Yorkshire scheme members, it also provided a service to a number of other Local Authorities and Fire Services.  These included payroll for all except one Local Authority and reporting to statutory bodies, data provision to external bodies and local authorities for production of scheme accounts.


The report included performance data against key performance indicators (KPI’s) and the variety and volume of work associated therein.  Extra steps were being taken to ensure members made the right choices, especially in light of the increase risk of pension scams. 


The report also included details of training provided to employers the form of which had changed to webinars with new webcasts due to become available from the following month.  Details of internal dispute resolutions were provided and broken down by quantity, type, stage and outcomes.


Officers informed the Board that WYPF had passed ISO 9001 re-certification and it had very nearly hit the target of 100% of deferred benefit statements being issued.  Staffing numbers equated to 152 full time posts and details were provided in the report on the breakdown of these and recruitment to boost staffing levels.


Members then had the opportunity to ask questions.  The details of these and the responses given are as follows:


·         The number of online Members who were using the portal was low, were steps being taken to increase the level of usage.

·      Officers stated that it was lower than they wanted but that P60’s and annual benefit statements would be available on line and members would be asked to register in order to access them, but would still be available in hard copy format.


·         A Member wanted to check that recruitment was underway and also asked about staff sickness absence rates and whether staff been affected by illness due to COVID-19

·      Officers advised that there had been some positive tests and even when self-isolating, employees continued to work and so it was anticipated that it would not have any major impact.  Phased recruitment was underway for 12 new Pensions Officers as well as a new Client Relationship Post which reflected the new client base and offered potential for further business.


·         A Member noted that the sickness absence rate was half of that for Bradford Council and wanted to know why that was.

·      Officers advised that they had given support to employees (just like Bradford Council) and encouraged employees to share any issues.  Work flow was controlled and employees had also been given flexibility on working hours to accommodate home circumstances such as caring for children who would normally be in school.


·         Officers were asked if it was easy to find the right candidates for Pension Officer posts from local candidates in view of experience needed.

·      In response, Officers advised that no previous experience was needed for the Pensions Officer posts as internal training would be provided and had a good response to the vacancies advertised.  The Customer Relationship Manager roles required experience and so would be remunerated at a higher scale, interest for this post had not been as good.


Resolved –


1)        That the Board wishes to thank West Yorkshire Pension Fund Officers for their hard work over the last six months.


2)         That Document “P” be noted.


Action: Director, West Yorkshire Pension Fund

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