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MEMBER QUESTION TIME (Standing Order 12)

To deal with supplementary questions to the Leader of Council and portfolio holders providing advance notice has been given by the Member asking the supplementary question by 1000am on Monday 7 December arising from the attached questions of which written notice has been given. 




(i)         Answers to written questions shall be circulated to Members on Friday 4 December.


(ii)        A period of up to 30 minutes shall be available for supplementary questions to Members of the Executive. 


1.         Councillor Carol Thirkill

The fire that raged in Bradford next to the railway line was enormous and caused considerable distress to residents and businesses nearby.  Please can you tell us a history of the site and how this happened?


2.         Councillor Jackie Whiteley

Given that The High Court judgement of June 2020 regarding building on Green Belt in Guiseley - ref Aireborough CO/3279/2019 ruled that Leeds City Council had acted illegally in allowing planning permission to build on Green Belt, can the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, please advise of the implications  this has for Green Belt Planning permissions in Bradford and clarify why this wasn’t included in the Inspector’s notes for the Sun Lane Enquiry given that the challenge was first heard in February 2020?


3.         Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

How many Council owned, rented, or let premises are not fully accessible?


4.         Councillor Martin Love

Can the Leader of Council tell us how many £10,000k Covid-19 business grants have the council paid to political associations or political parties, how many have been returned and which recipients have kept the grant?


5.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

Would the Leader agree with me that Government freezing pay for teachers, early years workers, support staff, youth workers and other key workers is an insult considering the pivotal work they play and especially during this pandemic?


6.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

Lockdown has provided victims of domestic abuse additional worrying challenges. How have we responded as a district during this crisis to best support victims and survivors?


7.         Councillor John Pennington

Further to a deplorable, violent incident in City Park, when several youths were arrested approximately 20 months ago, could the Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods & Community Safety, update members on what action has been taken in relation to Council Warden Training etc, to improve responses to such incidents and can the Portfolio Holder inform members of whether he considers it conducive to improving public safety, that no prosecutions have yet taken place?


8.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

The launch of the Bradford Music Network is very much welcomed. Can the Portfolio Holder explain how this will be developed and anticipated outcomes?


9.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

Can we have an outline of how our children in care have been supported through this pandemic and are there gaps in support which need filling?


10.       Councillor Russell Brown

Could the Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment and Skills, advise colleagues of; the reason for using paper based School Admission Appeals in the first instance, rather than telephone conferences during lockdown, whether this caused an unnecessary delay, the number of outstanding school admission appeals there are across the Bradford District, what action is Bradford Council taking to resolve any outstanding appeals and when will they be completed?


11.       Councillor Ralph Berry

In the light of the welcome decision by the High Court that the Education Secretary acted unlawfully by failing to consult on the extensive reduction of protections for vulnerable children, a move which the Council rightly declined to go along with, can the Leader and portfolio holder now add this council’s voice to apply pressure for the full restoration of the statutory protections for vulnerable children in England and affirm that the pandemic is not reason to remove protection for children?


12.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

There are 4795 people with impaired mobility living in unsuitable accommodation and residents require 9100 wheelchair adapted homes in the next five years. What plans does the Portfolio Holder have to ensure we meet the housing needs of these residents?


13.       Councillor Ralph Berry

We all agree on the importance of regular school attendance for children’s learning and achievement. However in these exceptional times I know of parents who are fearful of their children being in school because they or a family member they live with has a substantially increased risk from the virus, being classified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable by Government because of a pre-existing health condition. Can the portfolio holder reassure me that schools are working constructively with families in this position who are concerned about school-based learning?


14.       Councillor Kyle Green

Could the Leader of the Council confirm what policies are in place for Water Safety Management within the District and when these documents were created?


15.       Councillor Taj Salam

I’m aware that we’ve been investing in active travel during the pandemic to support our climate emergency work and healthier lifestyles. Will the portfolio holder give an update on the cycling and walking schemes we have been putting in place?


16.       Councillor Nazam Azam

One impact of the pandemic has been an increase in demand for children’s social care services. Will the portfolio holder outline what actions we’ve taken to meet this demand and ensure high standards of provision?


17.       Councillor Dale Smith

Could the Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment and Skills Portfolio confirm what contingency plans are in place to ensure that in any future lockdown, a more consistent educational provision will be provided to children across the district?


18.       Councillor David Warburton

As a Group we are clear that investing in skills and jobs will be vital for the district coming out of Covid – can the portfolio holder tell me about our plans to support residents’ skills?


19.       Councillor Rosie Watson

I am proud that as a Labour led council we’ve invested in laptops and other support for children’s home learning but we all remain concerned about the digital divide. What more are we doing to address this divide in Bradford?


20.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

The Prime Minister has announced that he is to bring forward from 2040 to 2030 a ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars. What plans does the Portfolio Holder have to ensure that households without their own driveways, who will have to rely heavily on private car parks and charges in places such as supermarket car parks, will be able to access enough chargers or is he considering a plan to restrict the numbers of cars per household?


21.       Councillor Shakeela Lal

Can the portfolio holder update us on what plans we have in place to continue our support for children facing holiday hunger?


22.       Councillor Debbie Davies

Would the Regeneration, Planning and Transport Portfolio Holder, make available to the public, copies of (including dates) any maintenance inspections undertaken during the past 5 years, on Buck Lane footbridge and can he reassure us that in future it will be properly maintained, in order that it is only closed whilst repairs are carried out rather than as at present, being closed for months whilst no work is going on?


23.       Councillor Aneela Ahmed

Can the Leader tell us what actions the council is taking to dispel harmful myths and conspiracy theories about Covid-19, which obstruct our efforts to stop the spread of the virus and save lives?


24.       Councillor Martin Love

Can the Leader of Council tell us when were the Council first made aware of the huge tyre dump on the former go-kart site in East Bowling and what action was taken against the landowner and operator between then and the devastating fire? Also, is the Council aware of any other such sites in the district and if so, where?


25.       Councillor David Warburton

Do we have an update on our campaign for a Bradford city centre stop on Northern Powerhouse Rail?


26.       Councillor Geoff Winnard

Could the Leader of the Council confirm the overall cost of postage and the printing of the recent letter that was distributed to all households, about the nationally determined COVID-19 lockdown restrictions?



27.       Councillor Nazam Azam

How are our plans for the new city centre market progressing in spite of the challenges of Covid-19?


28.       Councillor Vanda Greenwood

Does the Leader join me in thanking volunteers and community centres across our district who have supported their vulnerable neighbours throughout lockdown and this public health crisis?


29.       Councillor Susan Knox

To the Leader of Council. What additional action is being taken to address the backlog of 1,651 outstanding enforcement cases? Please give answers for each department of the Council concerned?


30.       Councillor Rizwana Jamil

Does the Leader share my concern that the Spending Review shows the government continues to put the onus on the council taxpayer to meet funding shortfalls caused by a decade of cuts?


31.      Councillor Jackie Whiteley

Further to the Government bringing forward its deadline to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars, could the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, commit to the acceleration of the provision of infrastructure for electric and hydrogen cars to encourage and facilitate the early switch to emission free transport by as many residents as possible?


32.       Councillor Angela Tait

England’s Chief Medical Officer suggested people should be very careful this Christmas even though restrictions are being relaxed. Will we be giving similar advice to our residents?


33.       Councillor Geoff Winnard

Can the Leader of the Council, provide an update on the proposed Community Asset Transfer of Bingley Swimming Pool, including what outstanding issues need to be resolved?


34.       Councillor Alun Griffiths

To the Leader of Council. What is the cost of the Council sending a mail shot to every household in the District?


35.       Councillor Debbie Davies

Would the Regeneration, Planning and Transport Portfolio Holder, please confirm the number of streetlights out by Ward and the time it is taking to undertake a repair, further to a light out being reported?


36.       Councillor Brendan Stubbs

To the Portfolio Holder, Over the previous 4 years many community groups across the district have benefited from a 'Community Building Grant' for the Council to assist with Business rates and the cost of running these buildings. Collectively these organisations offer a wide range of vital services for their local communities. They have put in an incredible effort in 2020 to support local communities in difficult circumstances and like many residents and businesses they now face an uncertain 2021and beyond. 


Can the portfolio holder confirm to community organisations that this grant will continue to be available in 2021-2022 and beyond? What steps are being taken to make sure that the process for applications is in place as soon as possible? Also, what additional help and  support is the Council making available to all Community organisations to help them prepare for the coming year?


37.       Councillor Mike Ellis

Could the Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment and Skills confirm what assessments Bradford Council has made of the impact on Educational Attainment across the Bradford District, of the school closures during the initial lockdown and what action is being taken to support some form of catch-up provision, for those particularly disadvantaged groups of children who are likely to have suffered most?



Council Document “C” details the questions from Members to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders and the answers given.

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