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The Strategic Director Children’s Services will present a report (Document “W”) that provides an update on progress to improve mental health support for children and young people.


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The Committee is asked to note the update, highlight areas for consideration and attention and continue to support the System Review currently underway.


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The Strategic Director Children’s Services presented a report (Document “W”) that provided an update on progress to improve mental health support for children and young people.


The following questions were asked by members and answers provided:

·         What were the outcomes from the Action Plan?

o   4 themes were identified that would be ratified by Leadership Team in the next 2 weeks.

·         What is the timescale from assessment to treatment?

o   12 months for children from Keighley and 16 months for children from Bradford, each child on the waiting list had been written to offering them 6 sessions of counselling while they were on the waiting list.

·         Spend per head at £48 per child was £11 below the national average despite an increase in 2017/18 which suggested an issue of local priorities rather than austerity.

o   This highlights that Bradford is not spending the right amount.  The Health and Wellbeing Board has accepted this and set CAMHS as a priority that investment rises with need.

·         How do you triage cases?

o   Previously the Care Trust did not differentiate between urgent and non urgent cases, now each case receives a response within 5 days.

·         Why is the waiting time so long and what support is given to children and parents in the interim?

o   There was a lack of investment in early intervention.  Work was being undertaken with the Early Help Team to provide peer support networks and sign post self support and offering 6 sessions of counselling for all those on the waiting list.

·         Why was counselling support not being accepted?

o   A very small  number have not accepted and the authority were working with them.

·         Why are waiting times different in Keighley and Bradford?

o   They are two different bases in the same service and this was being looked into 

·         What is done to remind people of appointments as the percentage of missed and cancelled appointments was of concern?

o   The Care Trust had been asked to implement sending text reminders.

·         The impact of Covid 19 had increased fragility in families and increase pressure on a fragile system.  What is the timeline to achieve the model of support outlined in paragraph 4 page 80 of Document “W”

o   A grief and loss pathway had been established with a wide range of providers and went live in July.  Work was being undertaken with Public Health and £600,00 had been identified to work on financial support and welfare advice, wellbeing, mental health support, suicide prevention support, signposting and guidance, providing services via Freephone and befriending and carer support.

·         What training had been provided for staff in schools?

o   Training on early signs of mental health and first aid training would be in place in September.

·         Concern was expressed about the issues regarding the fitness for purpose of SystemOne and members expressed the need to know how long before it would be working?

o   It was noted that the issuers with SystemOne covered a wide range of services as well as mental health.

·         Why were the number of referrals in Bradford lower than the national average, given the demographics of the District?

o   Traditionally referrals would be made by school nurses and there were less school nurses.  It was clear that children and young people were not being reached when they needed support.

·         Could anything be done to increase the number of schools engaging with and identifying mental health champions from 50%?

o   The number of schools had increased to 75% and work was in progress to increase this further.



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That a progress report be presented to the Committee at the earliest opportunity that includes the Action Plan developed by the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Sub-group and issues of concern raised regarding System One.


ACTION:       Strategic Director of Children’s Services



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