Agenda item


To deal with supplementary questions arising from the attached questions of which written notice has been given. 




(i)         Answers to written questions shall be circulated at the commencement of the meeting.


(ii)        The Lord Mayor will have regard to the list of questions and the political composition of the Council in calling on Members to put their supplementary question to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders.


(iii)       A period of up to 30 minutes shall be available for supplementary questions to Members of the Executive. 



1.         Councillor Caroline Firth

Climate emergency is a huge threat to our planet.  I am therefore pleased that the budget proposed by the Labour Group is committing £25 million towards Climate Emergency.  Can you please outline how the money will be spent and when and how residents can get involved?



2.         Councillor David Heseltine

When is the defective designed and constructed junction at Main Street / Chapel Lane in Bingley going to be rectified to stop adjacent premises flooding?



3.         Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

Given that the links between the consumption of artificially and sugar sweetened soft drinks and ill health are well proved and that tackling childhood obesity is a top health priority for the Leader can the Healthy People and Places Portfolio Holder advise Members of Council what steps she has taken to remove artificially and sugar sweetened drinks from Council premises?



4.         Councillor Martin Love

Can the Portfolio Holder for Transport please tell us what impact the proposed widening of Canal Rd/Valley Rd to 4 lanes will have on traffic congestion and air quality between the Valley Rd/Otley Rd junction and the Bankfield roundabout?



5.         Councillor Vanda Greenwood

The NHS numbers regarding referrals for Adult Safeguarding incidents in the district reported recently are lower than last year but still high.  Can the portfolio holder advise what the council are doing about the issue and also publicise more frequently what the general public can do to report concerns?



6.         Councillor Beverley Mullaney

It’s a time for New Year’s resolutions, can the Leader advise why residents might be tempted to save with the Bradford Credit Union particularly in view of the launch of the Prizesaver account?



7.         Councillor Geoff Winnard

How many teacher vacancies are there in each of the schools directly managed by Bradford Council and what is being done to improve the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers in Bradford District Schools?



8.         Councillor Rosie Watson

Can you confirm how the city is going to acknowledge the contribution of Richard Dunn now that the Swimming Pool at Odsal is going to be demolished?



9.         Councillor Fozia Shaheen

Can you update us on what work the council will be doing in 2020 to support people’s mental health?



10.       Councillor Jackie Whiteley

What revenue has been collected in respect of on street parking charges and fines since they were introduced in Ilkley, how many extra parking staff are employed in to cover the area and at what cost, for the same period?



11.       Councillor Paul Godwin

What consideration has been given to naming the vehicles in our gritter fleet?



12.       Councillor Geoff Reid

To the Portfolio Holder, do the Council have established procedures for responding to the stalled development on the Pilley’s (Union) Mill site at Harrogate Road, Eccleshill, where inconvenience to footway and highway users has been extended indefinitely without any construction taking place and where residents continue to look out onto an empty site?



13.       Councillor Paul Godwin

Can the portfolio holder tell me about the moorland flood alleviation work being carried out and what plans he has to extend it?



14.       Councillor Debbie Davies

Given the Council is closing Ian Clough Hall in Baildon at the end of March (and therefore the library above needs to close) what financial support will be offered to Baildon Town Council to provide alternative library premises for the period the site is under redevelopment, before the new library opens?



15.       Councillor Sue Duffy

Will the portfolio holder give us an update on how we are tackling adult and childhood obesity in the district, given the importance of the issue?



16.       Councillor Mohammed Shafiq

One of the areas identified by the Ofsted monitoring report is that “Key professionals do not always attend critical meetings, including conferences and some core groups”. What plans have the children services put in place to ensure that professionals from partner agencies attend essential meetings to safe guard our children’s welfare?



17.       Councillor John Pennington

Almost 12 months ago the LGA drew member authority’s attention to buildings constructed in Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC). Used in many schools built between the mid 1950s and 1980, there is now fear of a component failure. Are there any buildings in Bradford & District which may give cause for concern?



18.       Councillor Vick Jenkins

Given our Climate Emergency priorities, can the portfolio holder confirm that major new developments, such as One City Park and the market on Darley Street, will have excellent environmental credentials built in as standard?



19.       Councillor Alan Wainwright

Does the leader join me in calling on the Government to finally develop and deliver a national plan for adult social care, including more funding for local authorities?



20.       Councillor Brendan Stubbs

In June 2016 the then Environment and Waste Management Committee requested ‘That the Strategic Director Regeneration be requested to make available a register of areas of Council owned neglected land across the District on a ward basis and report back to the Committee by the end of 2016’. Can the portfolio Holder give details of this register, where it is held, and how residents can access the information to help them to take community action to improve neglected areas in their neighbourhoods as was intended by the Committee?



21.       Councillor Sinead Engel

With Holocaust Memorial Day approaching, can the portfolio holder give an update on what actions we are taking with partners to address hate crime? Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia and hate crime of all kinds must not be tolerated in our district?



22.       Councillor Russell Brown

In light of growing anecdotal evidence, indicating that the site is being actively marketed by officers, does the Portfolio Holder still insist the changes at the Stocks Bridge Depot in Keighley are simply a tidy up?



23.       Councillor Rizwana Jamil

As culture is an important part of the council’s strategy to regenerate the city, can the portfolio holder tell us about some events and initiatives planned for the district in 2020?



24.       Councillor Martin Love

Can the Portfolio Holder for Education please tell us whether the council will be successful in complying with the statutory legal deadline to notify parents of children with EHC plans of their secondary school allocation for September 2020, as this has been missed for at least the last 3 years?



25.       Councillor Angela Tait

Following the recent launch of the district’s skills plan, what are the next steps to build on our progress in this area and deliver on the plan?



26.       Councillor John Pennington

Bingley, like many other Wards, is plagued with problems outside schools where some people have little regard for other road users. When will the Labour Council take a proactive approach to safety by introducing Red Line road markings? No grey area, instantaneous prosecution for transgressors. In Boris speak, “get the job done”.



27.      Councillor Hassan Khan

Salaries in Bradford district have increased more than any other UK city according to a recent study, following another finding from PwC that Bradford is the most improved city. Can the portfolio holder tell us how we can build on this progress in particular to help those who are out of work or in low paid jobs?



28.       Councillor Sarfraz Nazir

I’m delighted that Lister Park is getting £650,000 to refurbish it. It’s 20 years since any money was spent on it and I’ve campaigned for this investment for years. A number of our parks such as Cliffe Castle, Harold Park, Roberts Park and Lister Park were highly acclaimed at the 2019 Yorkshire in Bloom awards. Does the portfolio holder agree that green spaces are vital for supporting people’s wellbeing and could she tell me what plans we have for all our parks in 2020?



29.       Councillor Rachel Sunderland

In July the Council made a commitment to pursue play streets. Can the Portfolio provide an update on the progress and plans for a District wide programme?



30.       Councillor Julie Lintern

It’s great to see that the CQC has just rated our Home support service as Outstanding. Can the portfolio holder briefly outline what that team does and give me an update on our transformation of our adult social care services?



31.       Councillor Dale Smith

How many of the recently introduced pavement eating / refreshment licences have been paid for and which Wards are these in?



32.       Councillor Tariq Hussain

Does the portfolio holder agree that whilst any funding is welcome, the £4m announced by the government to tackle rogue landlords is tiny compared to what is really needed to tackle the nationwide problem of irresponsible landlords who blight the sector and cause misery for tenants?



33.       Councillor Kyle Green

Why are the most recent SEND outreach opportunities for parents / guardians not taking place in major towns in the district such as Ilkley, Addingham, Silsden and Haworth?



34.       Councillor Brendan Stubbs

To the Portfolio Holder, How often are the districts swimming pools and sports centres inspected to ensure that general maintenance and standards of cleanliness are being maintained, and what procedures are in place to tackle issues of cleanliness or poor maintenance when they arise?



35.       Councillor Geoff Winnard

In view of the various political commitments made during the General Election, the campaign by Friend of the Earth and the challenges of climate change, what is the strategy and target for tree planting across the Bradford district?



36.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

An investigation by the Telegraph has claimed that NHS officials are working as private consultants and charging elderly people’s relatives for help securing funding from the State. In what could be a serious conflict of interest, it seems the senior managers are paid by the health service to oversee applications for the social care funding, but are also allegedly charging up to £400 a day for help trying to obtain such grants. Can the Portfolio Holder for Healthy People and Places outline the steps she has taken to ensure that this is not the case in Bradford?



37.       Councillor Jackie Whiteley

In the original plan, period 2013 to date, employment rates in Bradford District have fallen by 6,500 according to ONS data. Please can the Portfolio Holder confirm that this is correct and provide an explanation as to why Bradford is faring so badly compared to Yorkshire and Humber, the UK as a whole and how does this data affect housing numbers going forward?



Council Document “N” details the questions from Members to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders and the answers given.

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