Agenda item


To deal with supplementary questions arising from the following questions of which written notice has been given. 




(i)         Answers to written questions shall be circulated at the commencement of the meeting.


(ii)        The Lord Mayor will have regard to the list of questions and the political composition of the Council in calling on Members to put their supplementary question to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders.


(iii)       A period of up to 30 minutes shall be available for supplementary questions to Members of the Executive. 


1.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

Would the portfolio holder explain the background and clear-cut benefits behind the proposal for a Bradford-Halifax Greenway following the recent launch of the advocacy document?


2.         Councillor Mike Ellis

Could the Leader of the Council confirm how much has been spent by Bradford Council since 2014, to fund non-invasive autopsies through the contract with iGene and what did it cost to terminate the contract with iGene when there was still five years remaining?


3.         Councillor David Ward

At the 19th March Council meeting, in a Labour amendment to a Liberal Democrat motion on “off-rolling”, it was acknowledged that off-rolling was an example of “immoral behaviour”. It has also been described by the Children’s Commissioner as being illegal. The amendment stated that “In 2017 data collected evidenced that some schools were ‘off-rolling’ pupils to EHE”. Will the Portfolio holder please provide the names of the schools in Bradford that were identified as being those carrying out immoral and illegal off-rolling?


4.         Councillor Kevin Warnes

Does the Leader of Council (a) agree with Extinction Rebellion campaigners across Bradford who state that we are living in the midst of a ‘Climate Emergency’, and (b) accept that Bradford Council and Bradford District need to become net carbon-neutral by 2030; and, if so, what is Bradford Council going to do to reach that goal??


5.         Councillor Mohammed Shafiq

Will the portfolio holder join me in celebrating the fantastic achievement by the whole school community at Feversham Primary in my ward and its inspirational young headteacher, following its Outstanding Ofsted judgement. To crown this achievement Naveed Idrees has just won TES national Headteacher of the Year award?


6.         Councillor Alan Wainwright

Can the portfolio holder join with me in celebrating the successful community asset transfer for the Valley project in Holme Wood which is great news for the local area?


7.         Councillor Debbie Davies

Could the Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment & Skills confirm, how many children with SEND were not allocated school places to begin September 2019 until after Easter this year?


8.         Councillor Alan Wainwright

Can I have the latest figures by ward of the amounts collected in business rates?


9.         Councillor Joanne Dodds

Can the Leader join with me in thanking all those involved in the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Normandy D-Day landings?


10.       Councillor Mike Pollard

A recent report showed Bradford was by far the worst from all West Yorkshire local authorities, being ranked 313rd from 326 local authorities across England for collecting Council Tax, meaning a colossal £13,785,000 of Council Tax went uncollected.  What is being done to ensure improvements are made in the collection of Council Tax in the future?


11.       Councillor Caroline Firth

Does the portfolio holder join me in welcoming the emergence of plastic-free communities across the district, particularly the newly forming Plastic Free East Morton and Plastic Free Riddlesden groups in my ward? How can the council support these groups to thrive?


12.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

In the light of the broadcast of shocking footage of the abuse of vulnerable people living in Wharlton Hall can the Portfolio Holder advise members what safeguards does the Council have in place to protect the safety, welfare and human rights of its citizens in placements in specialist disability or mental health wards both in and out of the district whose situation has rendered them highly vulnerable?


13.       Councillor Michelle Swallow

Please would the portfolio holder outline the strategy to deal with rats which is a cause of concern on several levels including that of public health?


14.       Councillor Russell Brown

Can the Leader of the Council confirm whether the council any plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings and promote the contributions engineers in Keighley made to the wider endeavours of NASA in the subsequent lunar exploration program?


15.       Councillor Kamran Hussain

Can the portfolio holder reassure me that that schools who are on our list as being accessible for disabled children are fulfilling their obligation in maintaining their provisions which are in place?


16.       Councillor Rizwana Jamil

Does the portfolio holder for education, employment and skills join me in congratulating Carlton Bolling College in our ward for its latest achievement in winning a Silver award?


17.       Councillor Kyle Green

In light of the fact that neighbouring Councils have recognised the impracticality and damaging nature of introducing Car Parking Charges in outer towns, such as Wetherby and Brighouse, does this Council yet recognise the need to scrap plans for the introduction of new parking charges in Ilkley from 29 July 2019?


18.       Councillor Ralph Berry

Can the portfolio holder outline what steps can be taken to address the ongoing problem of untaxed and uninsured vehicles parked in residential streets in Bradford?


19.       Councillor Fozia Shaheen

Could the portfolio holder give me an update as to the number of older people we have supported to stay in their own homes rather than in residential care or hospital and how have we done this?


20.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

There have been a number of fires in West Yorkshire resulting in death or serious injury involving vulnerable people. Can the Portfolio Holder advise what steps have been taken to ensure proper follow-up of reports from the Fire Service following ‘Safe at Home’ visits and has lack of communications by and between agencies exacerbated the risk to vulnerable people?


21.       Councillor Richard Dunbar

Would the leader join me in condemning the recent surge in homophobic and transphobic hate crimes and provide reassurance about what action is being taken by Council and partners to support and protect the LGBT+ community in Bradford?


22.       Councillor Jackie Whiteley

In light of the fact that mental ill health amongst young people is not a phenomena only affecting the disadvantaged and Mental Health services for young people are overstretched in Bradford, with the youth service being asked to support young people in the district, will the Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing confirm that youth provision will be maintained in outlying villages including  Burley in Wharfedale and Menston?


23.       Councillor Fozia Shaheen

Could the portfolio holder tell me how the council supports start-ups and growing businesses, who entrepreneurs can contact if they would like such support to set up a business and what is the process?


24.       Councillor Kevin Warnes

Will the Leader of Council ensure that a 20mph, traffic-calmed zone is introduced in central Shipley (on streets including Birklands Road, Birklands Terrace, Castle Road, Cross Banks, Hall Royd, Manor Lane, Selborne Terrace, Sunny Bank and Westcliffe Road), before works commence on widening the junction at the intersection of Otley Road and Bradford Road?


25.       Councillor Caroline Firth

Can the portfolio holder join me in congratulating Keighley-based business Keybury Fire and Security for being what is thought to be the first company in its sector to be named a plastic-free champion by Surfers Against Sewage?


26.       Councillor Jackie Whiteley

Will the Portfolio Holder for Education, Employment and Skills, please commit to a review of school procedures, regarding children who are excluded from school and those who are subject to isolation in school, with the latter being up to 8 hours in duration, as this can affect the individuals mental health?


27.       Councillor Michelle Swallow

Please would the portfolio holder explain what strategies the Council is going to employ to get our city pavements looking nice with particular problems being gum and cigarette butts?


28.       Councillor Fozia Shaheen

Mental ill health is increasing amongst the youth with increasing numbers of referrals. Could the portfolio holder give me an update in regards to what are we doing with partners to better meet the needs of these young people?


29.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

How many people who are medically certified as having a permanent condition that severely affects their intellectual and social functioning are in receipt of a Council Tax discount? How many annual reviews have taken place and how many resulted in a change in their personal circumstances which means they are  no longer eligible to receive the discount and what where the reasons for the withdrawal of benefit?


30.       Councillor Suhail Choudhry

Can the Leader tell me how we are supporting the police to tackle knife crime given the terrible incident in my ward of Bolton & Undercliffe recently?


31.       Councillor Debbie Davies

Could the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning & Transport confirm why he thinks increasing parking charges in small towns and villages is a good idea, when shops are closing due to lack of footfall?



32.       Councillor Kamran Hussain

Can the portfolio holder tell me how many children have been excluded from schools and are currently waiting for another school placement?


33.      Councillor Michelle Swallow

I'm sure all of us in our District would want our road users, whether drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or others, to be safe, however, despite targeted work by West Yorkshire Police it is still a major issue so please would the portfolio holder comment on progress so far to deal with arrogant, dangerous drivers? Can you also provide an update on the roll-out of the 20mph zones?


34.       Councillor John Pennington

Could the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport confirm why the income from fines for parking at Bradford Central library, is more than double the income from people buying tickets?


35.       Councillor Kamran Hussain

Can the portfolio holder tell me how many people are being supported by the specialist domestic violence and abuse service and how well it is managing to keep up with demand?


36.       Councillor Alun Griffiths

Has the council been in receipt of any complaints from members of the public about drivers of Taxis or private hire vehicles refusing to allow assistance dogs to be carried in their vehicles?


37.       Councillor Aneela Ahmed

With the recent announcement of the £1m Lottery funding boost for the Bradford Live project, can the portfolio holder give us the latest update as excitement is continuing to build around the scheme?




Council Document “F” details the questions from Members to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders and the answers given.

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