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The report of the Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services,

(Document “X”) presents the proposal for consultation for the use of buildings within the Prevention and Early Help Services.


Members are requested to note the details contained in Document “X” and for their comments.


(Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee)

(Jenny Cryer – 01274 432438)


The report of the Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services,

(Document “X”) presented the proposal for consultation for the use of buildings within the Prevention and Early Help Services.  The Assistant Director Performance, Commissioning and Partnerships explained that a consultation process had been undertaken in relation to children’s centres and early help hubs and following this the Executive had requested that the use of the buildings be reviewed.  The Council and its partners had looked at the location of Children’s Centres and had compiled a proposal, which was now in the consultation phase.  Members were informed that changes would be made and the Rainbow Children’s Centre would become an Integrated Family Hub.  This would be a short term solution as it was believed that the best location for the Hub would be in Keighley Town Centre.  Strong Close Children’s Centre would be continued to be used along with Highfield.  The Assistant Director Performance, Commissioning and Partnerships confirmed that a consultation would be undertaken on the alternative uses for Low Fold Children’s Centre and a different appropriate use was being considered for Little Lane in Ilkley, so that the building could be handed back to the Trustees.  Services would still be delivered in areas where buildings would be vacated, as space would be rented, however, the best fit for the services provided  would be required.    


A Member stated that he was disappointed with the approach taken and noted that no consultation had commenced as yet.  He reported that Little Lane in Ilkley had lost business and the building had been specifically designed for this purpose.  Children’s services were required in Ilkley, as it had deprived areas too.  The Assistant Director Performance, Commissioning and Partnerships indicated that liaisons could be undertaken with the Trustees and the Member in relation to the situation in Ilkley.


In response to Members’ concerns and queries, it was reported that:


·         Finding a suitable location in Keighley could take approximately 18 months and the services provided would have to be considered.

·         It was acknowledged that communities need to be supported.

·         The new service would cover children from 0 to 19 years and the venue had to be somewhere that the older children would feel comfortable attending.  A positive meeting had taken place with the Bronte Academy Trust.  There were different ways to establish programmes and reach vulnerable families, however, people should feel engaged in the process.  Good partnership work was ongoing with the police and youth service.

·         The midwives had been supported in their move from Treetops to Low Fold Children’s Centre and they now provided a better service.

·         Families had to access the Centres via their own means, therefore, an accessible site was required in Keighley.

·         Bradford had continued to invest in Children’s Centres across the years and had tried to fund those across the District, but this was no longer possible.  The investment in Early Help Services would still be significant.

·         The Treetops Centre was not delivering many services, except midwifery and it was a waste of money having staff located in the Centre.  The midwives had been helped to move premises and Treetops would now be used to deliver a community group with schools.   

·         The building review could not be pre-empted and the provision of other services from Treetops was being considered.  The issue was around resources and the pooling of them.

·         The situation regarding the Daisy Chain Centre in Silsden was being considered.


Resolved –


That the report be noted.



ACTION: Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services




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