Agenda item


To deal with supplementary questions arising from the attached questions of which written notice has been given. 




(i)         Answers to written questions shall be circulated at the commencement of the meeting.


(ii)        The Lord Mayor will have regard to the list of questions and the political composition of the Council in calling on Members to put their supplementary question to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders.


(iii)       A period of up to 30 minutes shall be available for supplementary questions to Members of the Executive. 




1.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

Can the portfolio holder give an explanation of Bradford’s Housing First Pilot, anticipated outcomes and what would be needed to successfully roll out the programme?


2.         Councillor Debbie Davies

As Bradford is now in joint 125th position (out of 152 local authorities nationally) for combined Reading, Writing and Maths at the end of Key Stage 2, compared to joint 124th position in 2017, can the Portfolio Holder for Education clarify his claim that standards are rising?


3.         Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

Can the Portfolio holder confirm if a contract is jointly signed by a Chair of Governors appointed by a local authority to a local authority-run school and a senior employee of the same local authority what is the relationship between the local authority and the contract?


4.         Councillor Kevin Warnes

The Leader of Council will be aware that a traffic calming scheme for Caroline Street was finalised, costed against identified funding and endorsed by Cllr Martin Love and myself back in June 2018, yet has not progressed since then. Will the Leader please explain this long delay, publish in full the advice provided to the highways team by heritage officers, and confirm whether or not highways and heritage officers have consulted with relevant external organisations about this scheme?


5.         Councillor Michael Stelling

In the interest of public openness and transparency will this Council seek to amend the constitution under section 12 (Member Question Time) item 12.14  for questions submitted under Standing Order 12.5.1 but not included as a nominated priority question, where written answers will be circulated to all members.  Priority questions are in the public domain via attendance of meeting, webcast and viewable on the Council website. Will this Council make the non-priority questions submitted accessible in the public domain like the priority questions i.e. -   via the Council's website?


6.         Councillor Richard Dunbar

Would the Leader agree that the recent 3% rise in train fares is an insult to users considering the overcrowding, cancellations and lack of investment in rail infrastructure?


7.         Councillor Carol Thirkill

Can the portfolio holder set out the steps the Council has taken so far to set the right foundations for the children’s services improvement plan?


8.         Councillor Mike Pollard

Re item reference CS0399 listed in the Capital Investment Plan appended to the Council’s 2018/19 Budget Reference Document, could the Leader of the Council please state what real rate of return is being sought on ‘Strategic Acquisitions’ in, say, Years 1, 5 and 10 after completion of such purchases, taking into account initial fees, ongoing financing costs and any reasonably expected life cycle / replacement costs?


9.         Councillor Hassan Khan

Will the portfolio holder tell us how Darley Street and Piccadilly can be transformed under the new plans for that part of town?


10.       Councillor Abid Hussain

What plans does the portfolio holder have for business development zones or other actions to encourage good growth in all parts of the district?


11.      Councillor John Pennington

Further to the European Court of Justice ruling in July 2017, that UK local authorities had been incorrectly excluded from a VAT exemption on income from sporting facilities, can the Leader of the Council confirm whether the Council has, like many other councils pursued a rebate and if so in what way will it be used to benefit local residents?


12.       Councillor Cath Bacon

Will the Leader join me in thanking Council staff who worked through the Christmas and New Year holiday period to keep important services running particularly for vulnerable people?


13.       Councillor Nicola Pollard

Can the Portfolio holder advise Council how many people in the District are receiving care and support from a service that requires improvement,  how much of that care and support is being paid for by the Council and at what cost in total per month for each of the last five years?


14.       Councillor Taj Salam

Cycling events in recent years have helped to focus the eyes of people around the world on our district. Can the portfolio holder tell us about the UCI World Championships in 2019?


15.       Councillor Val Townend

Will the Leader of the Council advise members how much money has been given in total annually to each of the Area Committees over the past 5 years giving a break-down for every Ward in each Area Committee?


16.       Councillor Vanda Greenwood

With the grand re-opening of St George’s Hall imminent can the portfolio holder tell us how we are marking the re-opening?


17.       Councillor Richard Dunbar

Would the Leader set out what we as a Council are doing in conjunction with partners to tackle the harsh realities of climate change in our district?


18.       Councillor Mike Ellis

Could the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning & Transport confirm what action is being considered by this Council to collect glass, paper and food waste separately, to improve quality and increase revenue?


19.       Councillor Hassan Khan

Nationally it’s a tough time for small businesses and for shops on the high street in particular. Can the portfolio holder tell us what the Council is doing to play its part?


20.       Councillor David Warburton

Will the portfolio holder give an update on the development of the new Sedbergh leisure centre?


21.       Councillor Jeanette Sunderland

Can the Portfolio holder detail the work he is personally undertaking to resolve the financial and legal problems at Hanson?


22.       Councillor Ralph Berry

To the portfolio holder for education, employment and skills – what is the latest progress on the Opportunity Area activities in Bradford District?


23.       Councillor Andrew Senior

At a recent planning appeal a senior officer, accompanied by a legal representative were unable to answer questions. Neither could comment on the Core Strategy housing review, Bradford’s plans to host new travellers’ sites or even give the location of existing ones. Exasperated, the Inspector urged for Council representation back up, but none was available. Why were members of the public so badly represented by salaried Council professionals?


24.       Councillor Ralph Berry

Does the portfolio holder share my anger and dismay at the government’s latest cuts to councils’ public health grants which were bounced out just before Christmas?


25.       Councillor Kevin Warnes

How much has consideration of Northcliffe Park as a possible site for a new crematorium cost Bradford Council in terms of officer time and money?


26.       Councillor Ralph Berry

Can the portfolio holder outline ways in which Bradford Council can support the growing evidence of the effectiveness of peer mentor support work in the field of mental health and wellbeing?


27.       Councillor John Pennington

It has taken the Council 4 months to declare that a £23m refurbishment of two City Centre railway stations must be delayed by a further ten months due to “insufficient expertise” and a “shortage of resources” within Bradford Council. The business case cost has already increased by £110,000, why did it take so long to acknowledge our own shortcomings?


28.       Councillor Alan Wainwright

With the Local Government Finance Settlement announced just before Christmas, can the Leader advise what the latest consultation on the “fair funding formula” reveals about Government’s thinking?


29.       Councillor Cath Bacon

Does the Leader share my severe concern about the latest analysis of DWP data which has found that the vast majority of people being penalised by the government’s benefit cap are single mothers?


30.       Councillor Riaz Ahmed

Can the Portfolio holder provide details of the work to date to deliver a railway station at Laisterdyke providing where possible estimated costs, funding sources and timescales?


31.       Councillor Aneela Ahmed

The LGA has said adult social care services face a £3.5bn funding gap by 2025 due to government cuts and rising demand. Can the portfolio holder set out how we are working to improve the quality of social care for vulnerable adults despite these huge challenges?


32.       Councillor Val Townend

Given that it has  been claimed that lives are being put at risk by a third of unsafe taxison the district’s roads  failing basic safety tests, can the Leader of the Council explain what measures have been taken to rectify this problem and when does she anticipate that all vehicles will be road-worthy?


33.       Councillor Angela Tait

Can the portfolio holder for healthy people and places tell us what events and activities we have to look forward to in 2019 to boost tourism in our district?


34.       Councillor Rizwana Jamil

Can the portfolio holder tell us how much household recycling we achieve as a district, what are the challenges and are we heading in the right direction?


35.       Councillor John Pennington

Could the Leader of the Council confirm why the residents of static caravans have to vacate for a period each year, when they pay Council Tax?


36.       Councillor Geoff Reid

Can the Portfolio holder explain why are there still no street lights on Tunwell Street, Eccleshill to replace the two that were removed by the developer?


37.       Councillor Nazam Azam

Will the portfolio holder give an update on the council’s latest activities to support community cohesion in Bradford District?


38.       Councillor Andrew Senior

Could the Portfolio Holder for Environment, Sport and Culture confirm whether we have the result on the review of the outdoor sports fields on the new Low Moor site- in the full council meeting it was highlighted?


39.       Councillor Tess Peart

Will the portfolio holder tell us how we work with partners to deliver more affordable housing in the district?


Council Document “Q” details the questions from Members to the Leader of Council and Portfolio Holders and the answers given.

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