Agenda and decisions

Corporate Parenting Panel
Wednesday, 24th November, 2021 5.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1 - City Hall, Bradford. View directions

Contact: Jill Bell/Su Booth 

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ALTERNATE MEMBERS (Standing Order 34)

The City Solicitor will report the names of alternate Members who are attending the meeting in place of appointed Members. 


 (Sheila Farnhill – 01274 432268)



(Members Code of Conduct - Part 4A of the Constitution)


To receive disclosures of interests from members and co-opted members on matters to be considered at the meeting. The disclosure must include the nature of the interest.


An interest must also be disclosed in the meeting when it becomes apparent to the member during the meeting.




(1)       Members may remain in the meeting and take part fully in discussion and voting unless the interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an interest which the Member feels would call into question their compliance with the wider principles set out in the Code of Conduct.  Disclosable pecuniary interests relate to the Member concerned or their spouse/partner.


(2)       Members in arrears of Council Tax by more than two months must not vote in decisions on, or which might affect, budget calculations, and must disclose at the meeting that this restriction applies to them.  A failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. 


(3)       Members are also welcome to disclose interests which are not disclosable pecuniary interests but which they consider should be made in the interest of clarity.


(4)       Officers must disclose interests in accordance with Council Standing Order 44.


                                                                        (Sheila Farnhill – 01274 432268)



Recommended –


That the minutes of the meeting held on 27 October 2021 be signed as a correct record (previously circulated).


(Helen Osman)



(Access to Information Procedure Rules – Part 3B of the Constitution)


Reports and background papers for agenda items may be inspected by contacting the person shown after each agenda item.  Certain reports and background papers may be restricted. 


Any request to remove the restriction on a report or background paper should be made to the relevant Strategic Director or Assistant Director whose name is shown on the front page of the report. 


If that request is refused, there is a right of appeal to this meeting. 


Please contact the officer shown below in advance of the meeting if you wish to appeal. 


(Jill Bell/Su Booth - 01274 434580/07814 073884)



IRO ANNUAL REPORT 2020/2021 pdf icon PDF 76 KB

The annual report of Children’s Services (Doc “B”) provides quantitative and qualitative evidence relating to the Independent Reviewing Service in Bradford as required by statutory guidance.  The Independent Reviewing Officers’ (IRO) Annual Report must be presented to the Corporate Parenting Board and Bradford Partnership.


This report provides an opportunity to highlight areas of good practice and areas for improvement, identify themes and trends and report on work undertaken to date and to outline the developmental priorities for the next twelve months.


Recommended –


That the Corporate parenting panel are respectfully asked to give due consideration to the recommendations in the attached report to continue to improve services for our children and young people in Bradford.


(Amandip Johal - 07773 248040)





Additional documents:



Resolved –


1.  That the report be noted and the Panel look forward to seeing evidence of improvement in the next IRO report in May 2022

2.    Thatthe Sufficiency Strategy be completed as a matter of urgency, and by February 2022 at the latest;

3.  That the Fostering and Recruitment strategy flow from the Sufficiency Strategy and be updated annually

4.  That the Independent Reviewing Officer and Foster Carer Reviewing Officer  establishment be reviewed in the context of the Sufficiency Strategy.


Action:  Assistant Director, Safeguarding and Review, Commissioning and Provider Services



The Report of Children’s Services (Document “C”) provides checklist information to inform members how they can be involved as Corporate Parents and links to training and development of Members and Senior Managers.


Recommended –


The views of the Corporate Parenting Panel on the options set out in Section 9 of this report are requested. 

(Philip Segurola – 01274 431266)


Additional documents:



Resolved -


1.    That the Corporate Parenting Checklist be amended as agreed


2.    That the checklist be submitted to the Communications Team for advice on presenting and communicating it effectively


3.    That the checklist be considered to be a live document, to be kept under review by the Panel in response to feedback


4.    That elected Members review the sections contained in the checklist to be shared with appropriate stakeholders


Action: Strategic Director, Children’s Services/CPP Panel Members



The report of Children’s Services (Document “D”) informs both Members and the general public regarding the vision and purpose of the Corporate Parenting Panel and includes a new draft Terms of Reference document.


Recommended –


The views of the Corporate Parenting Panel on the options set out in Section 9 of this report are requested. 


(Philip Segurola - 01274 431266)

Additional documents:



Resolved –


1.    That the Panel agreed that Terms of Reference would be useful as a means of clarifying its role and responsibilities for a range of audiences.  It noted the need to take the advice of the Legal and Governance & Audit teams on the proper way to establish the Terms of Reference and the scope to amend the provisions of the Constitution in relation to the Corporate Parenting Panel.  Specific points for discussion would be:


·           The proposal that a Governing Body be established for the Virtual School and that the Corporate Parenting Panel become that Governing Body.

·           The need to increase the maximum number of Co-opted members, to enable strong representation by partners and sufficient members to carry forward the themes identified at the meeting on 27 October 2021.


2.    That the Panel agreed the following amendments to the draft Terms of Reference set out in the report (Document “D”)


Location in the draft ToR


Section headed “Purpose”, fourth bullet

Add reference to the police service - to encourage all partners, whether they work for health or social care services, West Yorkshire Police or the voluntary sector, to work in an integrated manner linking back with portfolio holders in the best interests of looked after children and care leavers’

Section headed “Purpose”

Subject to the completion of the appropriate legal and other constitutional steps, add a reference to the role of the Panel as the Governing Body of the virtual School.

Section headed “Bradford Corporate Parenting Panel will”

Add reference to the preparation of an annual report on the work of the Panel to the Partnership Board and the Council

Section headed “Bradford Corporate Parenting Panel will not”

Delete section

Section headed “Details”, paragraph 6.1

Amend to read “The Panel shall meet no less often than six eight times a year”


Action: Strategic Director, Children’s Services/CPP Members