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Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Tuesday, 26th February, 2019 5.30 pm

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Councillor Salam disclosed an interest in Item 6, “Regeneration – Update On Activity In Keighley And Shipley” (Minute 66) as he was employed by West Yorkshire Metro.


Councillor Berry disclosed an interest in Item 6, “Regeneration – Update On Activity In Keighley And Shipley” (Minute 66) as he was a Worth Valley Road Member and a shareholder.


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That the minutes of the meeting held on 3 July, 18 September, 2 October, 23 October and 20 November 2018 be signed as correct records (previously circulated).


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That the minutes of the meeting held on 3 July, 18 September, 2 October, 23 October and 20 November 2018 be signed as correct records.


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This report of the Strategic Director, Place (Document “AI”) updates Scrutiny Committee on progress with regeneration in Keighley and Shipley.


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Members are asked to consider the content of this report.


(Paul North – 01535 618095)



Additional documents:


This report of the Strategic Director, Place (Document “AI”) updated the Scrutiny Committee on progress with regeneration in Keighley and Shipley.


?The Assistant Director, Economy and Development, Programme Delivery Manager and the Project Devlopment Manager were present and invited by the Chair to introduce the report to the Committee. It was explained that Bradford was one of the biggest and fastest growing districts in the UK and the youngest city in the UK. Business success, jobs growth, skills and improved transport connectivity were essential to the city’s ambition to be the UK’s fastest growing economy over the coming decade


A scheme to undertake land use studies covered three key employment areas in the District’s main urban centres of Bradford, Keighley and Shipley in order to produce area improvement plans that would increase. The Council’s Economic Development Service would procure consultants to assist in carrying out land use studies, market research and development planning exercises. These will produce medium term improvement plans to make each zone more attractive and efficient locations for business to operate and invest in. They will encourage the reuse and development of employment sites and existing premises and increase the choice for businesses seeking to expand and relocate within the District. Work on the studies would take place over this year with final reports expected by September 2019.


Following synopsis of the report, a question and answer session ensued:

·         Would consultants be procured into the scheme and what would be the likely cost to the Council?

o   Yes but costs were unknown at present as the process was still ongoing;

·         What process had been decided for the buildings that had been derelict for some time?

o   The District Growth Scheme offered incentives in the form of business rates relief to companies creating new developments, taking on vacant listed properties and bringing empty town centre units back into economic use;

·         What other activities were being carried out?

o   The works compound at the end of the former college site had been retained to facilitate the demolition of the Cavendish Street building as previously requested by the Scrutiny Committee. Planning permission for the demolition had been granted and preparatory work had been underway. The demolition work would be tendered in early 2019 and it was proposed that demolition will commence later in the year;

·         Land for shopping developments had been cleared and on standby for several years. What were next stages of the scheme?

o   Demolition had been undertaken but there was still some demolition works remaining;

·         Had other uses been considered opposite to the retail development?

o   Discussions were still to take place;

·         In relation to Growth Schemes and Pennine Projects funding, what would happen to funding if not spent?

o   The funding is well used and awareness of schemes is engaged with local businesses including the invitation extended to Ward Members to get involved;

·         Who was responsible for carrying out the planning stage of works?

o   Engineers, specialists and consultations undertaken by consultants;

·         How would  ...  view the full minutes text for item 66.



The report of the Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services (Document “AJ”) provides an update on Get Bradford Working and Skills for Work and provides details of achievements and future plans.


Recommended –


(1)       That the Committee note the content of this report and welcome           the continued success of Get Bradford Working in providing         access to employment opportunities for those living within             Bradford and the District.


(2)       That the Committee comment on the work of the partnership in             delivering GBW. 


(3)       That the members of the Committee promote GBW and STEP    within their networks.


(Phil Hunter – 01274 439575)




The report of the Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services (Document “AJ”) provided an update on Get Bradford Working and Skills for Work and provides details of achievements and future plans.


The Assistant Director, Performance, Commissioning and Partnerships was in attendance and invited by the Chair to introduce the report. She explained that Get Bradford Working drew together key initiatives which tackled the issues and barriers facing Bradford’s residents in the labour market. GBW represented in excess of £16.5 million of investment, by Bradford Council and partners including: Jobcentre Plus; Incommunities; and Leeds City Region. 


The Assistant Director was accompanied by Afzal Khalifa. He stated that making a decision about how to start your career could be a difficult task however there were lots of different options available for young people to gain a starting boost in their careers. Afzal had been successful in being awarded the Apprentice of the Year.


A question and answer session ensued:

·         In relation to the programme that had focused on supporting 19-24 year olds into employment and the promotion of Apprenticeships to young people and businesses, how many young people continued with their employment?

o   Between 2,000 and 3,000 young people continued in employment;

·         How were people with convictions being assisted?

o   The Council has trained advisors on the team who engaged with employers to give people second chances in their lives to better themselves;

·         Was there advice available for individuals with convictions to help them move forward in life?

o   How ex offenders should be supported was continuously being addressed. The Council’s recruitment processes were also being looked at;

·         How were jobs and opportunities being addressed to meet the needs of today’s society?

o   The Centre of Excellence had been launched in September at the art gallery which entailed engagement on a creative level with representatives from diverse companies. The Get Bradford Working and Skills for Work had been focused on 14-19 year olds provision through a more holistic approach with higher national skills by engaging with the NHS, CCGs and other care providers so that young people had the skills to meet the needs of new jobs;

·         Had discussions taken place with the armed forces in regards to people returning back to Bradford but finding it difficult to adjust to normal society?

o   This had not been considered but would be explored;

·         There was a high level of unemployment in the West Constituency. Had there been any engagement work with parent involvement?

o   Yes there had been parent involvement and and further work was still planned; and,

·         How were parents being engaged?

o   Through educational materials, designing of pamphlets containing various careers and providing clear and concise advice.


During the discussion the following comments were made:

·         For the success of future planning, it was important to engage with the Probation, Armed and the Prison Service so that people who are lacking the essential skills for employment be assisted and supported;

·         A difference to the quality of life is made to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 67.



The report of the Chair of the Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Document “AK”) presents the Committee Work Programme 2018-19.


Recommended –


(1)       That the Work programme 2018-19 continues to be regularly      reviewed during the year.


(Licia Woodhead – 01274 432574)

Additional documents:



Resolved –


That the 2018/19 Work Programme continued to be regularly reviewed during the year.


ACTION: Overview and Scrutiny Lead