Agenda, decisions and minutes

Area Planning Panel (Keighley and Shipley)
Wednesday, 18th October, 2017 10.00 am

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Contact: Claire Tomenson 

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(Members Code of Conduct - Part 4A of the Constitution)


To receive disclosures of interests from Members and co-opted members on matters to be considered at the meeting. The disclosure must include the nature of the interest.


An interest must also be disclosed in the meeting when it becomes apparent to the Member during the meeting.




(1)       Members may remain in the meeting and take part fully in discussion and voting unless the interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an interest which the Member feels would call into question their compliance with the wider principles set out in the Code of Conduct.  Disclosable pecuniary interests relate to the Member concerned or their spouse/partner.


(2)       Members in arrears of Council Tax by more than two months must not vote in decisions on, or which might affect, budget calculations, and must disclose at the meeting that this restriction applies to them.  A failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. 


(3)       Members are also welcome to disclose interests which are not disclosable pecuniary interests but which they consider should be made in the interest of clarity.


(4)       Officers must disclose interests in accordance with Council Standing Order 44.


Councillor Pollard disclosed a pecuniary interest in relation to 13 Prod Lane, Baildon (Minute 17(a)) as he had been present during a discussion between an objector to the application and a Ward colleague.  He therefore withdrew from the meeting during the consideration of this item in accordance with the requirements of the Members’ Code of Conduct (Part 4A of the Constitution) and the Members’ Planning Code of Conduct (Part 4B of the Constitution).


The following disclosure of interest was received in the interest of clarity:


Councillor Miller disclosed that, having lived in this area for a lengthy period, he may know people associated with any of the applications but he had not discussed any of the matters now before the Panel for determination with any interested parties.


Councillor Miller, disclosed that he had received an email from an objector in relation to land at Halifax Road, former site of Wesley Place Primary School, Keighley (Minute 17(j)) but had not responded to it.


Councillor Lee disclosed that, there were applications pertaining to her ward (Keighley East), but she had not discussed any of the matters before the Panel for determination with any interested parties.


Councillor Naylor disclosed that, there was an application pertaining to his ward (Craven), but he had not discussed any of the matters relating to that application with any interested parties.


During consideration of 13 Prod Lane, Baildon (Minute 17(a)), Councillor Bacon declared that her maiden name was Ding, which was also the applicant’s surname, but she did not know the applicant.


During consideration of 151 Main Street, Addingham (Minute 17(b)), Councillor Naylor declared that her was Chairman of Addingham Library and a Member of Addingham Parish Council.


Action: City Solicitor



Recommended –


That the minutes of the meeting held on 14 June and 19 July 2017 be signed as a correct record.


(Palbinder Sandhu – 01274 432269)


Resolved –


That the minutes of the meeting held on 14 June and 19 July 2017 be signed as a correct record.




(Access to Information Procedure Rules – Part 3B of the Constitution)


Reports and background papers for agenda items may be inspected by contacting the person shown after each agenda item.  Certain reports and background papers may be restricted. 


Any request to remove the restriction on a report or background paper should be made to the relevant Strategic or Assistant Director whose name is shown on the front page of the report. 


If that request is refused, there is a right of appeal to this meeting. 


Please contact the officer shown below in advance of the meeting if you wish to appeal. 


(Palbinder Sandhu – 01274 432269)



There were no appeals submitted by the public to review decisions to restrict documents. 



(Access to Information Procedure Rules – Part 3B of the Constitution)


To hear questions from electors within the District on any matter which is the responsibility of the Panel. 


Questions must be received in writing by the City Solicitor in Room 112, City Hall, Bradford, by mid-day on Monday 16 October 2017. 


                                                (Palbinder Sandhu - 01274 432269)



There were no questions submitted by the public. 



The Panel is asked to consider the planning applications which are set out in Document “E” relating to items recommended for approval or refusal:


The sites concerned are:


(a)       13 Prod Lane, Baildon (Approve)                         Baildon

(b)       151 Main Street, Addingham (Approve)              Craven

(c)        20 Grange Park Road, Bingley (Approve)           Bingley Rural

(d)       Former Site of Bradford Hebrew Congregation,Shipley

Spring Hurst Road, Shipley (Approve)

(e)       Land at 10 Pink Street, Haworth, Keighley         Worth Valley


(f)        Land South East of 12 Haincliffe Road,              Keighley East

Keighley (Approve)

(g)       Low Croft Cottage, 23 Delph Hill, Baildon          Baildon


(h)       The Samuel Lister Academy,                                 Bingley Rural

Cottingley New Road, Bingley (Approve)

(i)         Brentroyd, Glenlyon Drive, Keighley                    Keighley Central


(j)         Land at Halifax Road, Former Site of Wesley     Keighley East

Place Primary School, Keighley (Refuse)


(Mohammed Yousuf – 01274 434605)


The Strategic Director, Place presented Document “E”.  Plans and photographs were displayed in respect of each application and representations summarised.


(a)       13 Prod Lane, Baildon                                                                  Baildon


Householder application for construction of a single storey rear extension, a timber car port/garage and driveway gate at 13 Prod Lane, Baildon - 17/04743/HOU


The Strategic Director, Place gave a presentation setting out the proposals and tabled plans detailing the layout.  He explained that the application proposed the construction of an extension to the rear, a garage and gates to the driveway.  Members noted that two properties were built in the grounds of the host dwelling and all shared the private drive.  A couple of objections had been received, including one from a Ward Councillor, in relation to the proposed car port and the gate.  It was reported that the car port would be an open low rise structure with supporting columns and the adjacent hedge would be maintained.  It was also confirmed that a gate up to 2 metres in height could be installed without planning permission and any obstruction of access would be a private legal matter.  The application was then recommended for approval, subject to the conditions as set out in the report.


A Ward Councillor was present at the meeting and raised the following concerns:


·         She was representing the objector who resided at 13b Prod Lane.

·         The proposed extension was acceptable.

·         The proposed car port would block access to the objector’s property for maintenance.

·         The proposed gate could block access and could become locked.

·         The deeds stated that the access should be kept unobstructed and the gate would be an obstruction.

·         The driveway was shared access and a gate would not be compatible.

·         Many vehicles used the driveway.


In response to some of the comments made, the Chair stated that the gate and drive access were civil matters.  Another Member indicated that the car port would be open and not preclude access in relation to property maintenance.


Resolved –


That the application be approved for the reasons and subject to the conditions set out in the Strategic Director, Place’s technical report.


Action: Strategic Director, Place



(b)       151 Main Street, Addingham                                                      Craven


A retrospective planning application for the change of use of part of the Addingham Memorial Hall from Community Hall use (D1) to use as a retail showroom (A1) at 151 Main Street, Addingham - 17/03061/FUL


The Strategic Director, Place gave a presentation setting out the proposals and tabled plans detailing the layout. 


In addition to the information contained in his report, he stated that the Trustees of Addingham Memorial Hall had previously rented out the room to a small catering business; the Trustees had not sought a change of use for the hall at that time and therefore the catering business had not had planning permission to operate and an enforcement notice had been issued; it had subsequently moved out of the premises after approximately one year of occupation.  The current occupier was a business owner selling double  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.



The Panel is asked to consider other matters which are set out in Document “F” relating to miscellaneous items:


(a) - (p)           Decisions made by the Secretary of State

(q)                   367 Fell Lane, Keighley

(r)                    Dawat Lounge, Bradford Road, Keighley


(Mohammed Yousuf – 01274 434605)


The Strategic Director, Place presented Document “F” and the Panel noted the following:






(a)       110 Skipton Road, Ilkley                                                   Ilkley


Construction of detached carport with office above plus associated works - Case No: 16/07296/HOU


Appeal Ref: 17/00073/APPHOU


(b)       18 The Orchards, Bingley                                                Bingley


Construction of detached dwelling and garage - Case No: 16/06681/FUL


Appeal Ref: 17/00036/APPFL2


(c)       9 Barrowby Close, Menston, Ilkley                                Wharfedale


Construction of detached dwelling with associated parking - Case No: 16/08866/FUL


Appeal Ref: 17/00061/APPFL2


(d)       Beacon House, Riverside Business Park,                  Ilkley

            Dansk Way, Ilkley


Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 15/02269/FUL dated 21.07.2015: Change of use from business (B1) to assembly and leisure (D2) - Case No: 16/08743/VOC


Appeal Ref: 17/00043/APPVO2





(e)       10 High Street, Keighley                                                   Keighley



Retention of shop front, retractable canopy and mounted roller shutter - Case No: 16/09168/FUL


Appeal Ref: 17/00048/APPFL2





(f)        10 High Street, Keighley                                                   Keighley



Retrospective application for shop fascia sign - Case No: 16/09219/ADV


Appeal Ref: 17/00049/APPAD2


(g)       11 Ferrands Park Way, Harden, Bingley                      Bingley Rural


Raising of roof height and construction of two storey extensions to front, side and rear - Case No: 16/08787/HOU


Appeal Ref: 17/00086/APPHOU


(h)       13 Parish Ghyll Road, Ilkley                                             Ilkley


Change of use from garage and store to studio dwelling with integral garage - Case No: 16/04451/FUL


Appeal Ref: 17/00033/APPFL2


(i)         17 Dene Bank, Bingley                                                     Bingley


Elevated wood deck over rockery - Case No: 17/00319/HOU


Appeal Ref: 17/00067/APPHOU


(j)         253 Bingley Road, Shipley                                              Shipley


Installation of fence of 1.8 metres high x 4.6 metres wide x 10 centimetres depth - Case No: 17/00451/HOU


Appeal Ref: 17/00064/APPHOU


(k)       4 Bingley Road, Shipley                                                   Shipley


Retrospective planning application for a fence at the front of the property. - Case No: 16/09596/HOU


Appeal Ref: 17/00066/APPHOU


(l)         Building at Grid Ref 403718 447648,                             Craven

Hayhills Lane, Silsden 


Change of use of agricultural building and land to residential use (C3): 1 dwelling - Case No: 16/09213/PAR


Appeal Ref: 17/00032/APPPAR



(m)      Farmhouse, Raines Farm, Glovershaw Lane,            Baildon        



Modifications to roof and construction of upper floor of farmhouse (Variation 1) - Case No: 16/09599/HOU


Appeal Ref: 17/00044/APPHOU


(n)       Land South of 64 Saltaire Road, Shipley                     Shipley


Construction of detached building comprising of A2 office and dwelling combined - Case No: 16/07679/FUL


Appeal Ref: 17/00060/APPFL2





(o)       Land at Westfield Farm, Tim Lane, Oakworth,           Worth Valley



Change of use of agricultural building and adjoining land to residential use (C3): one dwelling - Case No: 17/02915/PAR


Appeal Ref: 17/00087/APPPAR




(p)       Mother Hubbards, Bradford Road, Keighley              Keighley



Retrospective application for new shopfront, entrance steps and access ramp - allowed on appeal.  External roller shutters - dismissed on appeal. - Case No: 17/00019/FUL


Appeal Ref: 17/00068/APPFL2





(q)       367 Fell Lane, Keighley                                                   


Prior Notification in respect of Part 1 Class A (g) permitted development rights for a larger home extension at 367 Fell Lane, Keighley - 17/05513/PNH


Resolved –  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17.