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Keighley Area Committee
Thursday, 20th December, 2018 6.00 pm

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In the interest of transparency Councillor Brown disclosed an interest as he was a member of the Police and Crime Commission (Minute 42) 



Recommended –


That the minutes of the meetings held on 18 October 2018 and 22 November 2018 be signed as a correct record (previously circulated).


(Jane Lythgow – 01274 432270)


Resolved –


That the minutes of the meeting held on 18 October and 22 November 2018 be signed as a correct record.


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To hear questions from electors within the District on any matter this is the responsibility of the Committee. 


Questions must be received in writing by the City Solicitor in Room 112, City Hall, Bradford, BD1 1HY, by mid-day on 18 December 2018.


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There were no questions submitted by the public.



The report of the Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services,

(Document “T”) provides an update to the report presented to the Keighley Area Committee on 1 March 2018 regarding the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE).  It sets out the arrangements that have been put in place and which continue to develop to safeguard children from CSE.


Members are requested to consider ways in which CSE can be tackled at a local level and to note Document “T”.


(Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee)

(Mark Griffin  – 01274 434361)


Additional documents:


The report of the Interim Strategic Director, Children’s Services,

(Document “T”) provided an update to the report presented to the Keighley Area Committee on 1 March 2018 regarding the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE).  It set out the arrangements that had been put in place and which continued to be developed to safeguard children from CSE.


The Business Manager for the Children’s Safeguarding Board, accompanied by representatives of the Youth Service and West Yorkshire Police addressed the meeting to report the work being undertaken, in partnership, in the Keighley area.


A comprehensive presentation of Document “T” provided assurances that CSE remained a focus for Bradford Council and its partners and that collectively there was a commitment from a strategic and operational perspective to safeguard children. 


A summary of progress since the issue had been discussed in March 2018 was provided as follows:-


·         The recently published Working Together legislation would result in changes to safeguarding arrangements nationally and partners were considering the local impact.

·         The production and finalisation of the Strategic Response to CSE

·         The development of a CSE action plan in support of the Strategic Response

·         The appointment of a new Local Authority CSE analyst

·         A continued review around the CSE Team around operational functionality

·         The continued development of the monthly CSE Operational meeting to complement daily activity and the strategic CSE Sub-group

·         Bradford’s successful bid for Home Office funding for Trusted Relationships to provide additional support to vulnerable children

·         Strategic Boards were now working together to tackle other complex safeguarding themes such as criminal exploitation, organised crime and modern day slavery.

·         The development of Innovative methods of raising awareness through Safeguarding Stories, Mr Shape shifter, Somebody’s Sister and Somebody’s Daughter.

·         A District Communications Group now in existence to provide practitioners, parents, carers, children and communities with proactive, innovative and consistent approaches to communications.

·         Children’s Services had appointed its first Social Media Apprentice to create stronger and more effective links with children and young people.

·         The District Digital Safeguarding Group would develop and deliver a Digital Safeguarding strategy and it was intended to develop a virtual hub, aimed at practitioners and the community.

·         Bradford District Police Cyber Team continued to deliver training around on-line safety within the educational sector.

·         Partners were coordinating a District wide approach to support schools in Bradford to meet the Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) needs of young people.

·         Public Health was now taking a higher profile role within CSE and had developed a specific Public Health offer to support CSE work across the district

·         The BSCB’s development of detailed audit tools to ensure organisations and schools had appropriate safeguarding arrangements in place and evidence the voice of the child. (Section 11 and the Section 175 Audit Tools)

In addition appended to Document “T” was detailed information about the multi-agency CSE Hub April 2017 – March 2018; details of Braithwaite and Guardhouse Children’s successful Year of Safety initiative and specific information and statistics for the Keighley Area.


Following a very detailed presentation a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 41.



The report of the Strategic Director, Place, (Document “S”) provides an update of work undertaken by the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team during the year 2017-2018.


Recommended –


(1)  That the work undertaken by the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team during the year 2017-2018, that contributed to addressing Community Safety priorities within the Ward Plans for the Keighley area, be noted.


(2)  That the positive partnership working to address crime and community safety between the Police, elected Members, Parish and  Town Councils, Bradford Council officers, community organisations, volunteers and residents within the Keighley area be noted.


(Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee)

(Jonathan Hayes – 01353 618008)



The report of the Strategic Director, Place, (Document “S”) provided an update of work undertaken by the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team during the year 2017-2018.


Appended to the report was a summary of work undertaken by the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team over the past year and included an overview of the Keighley Area crime figures for November 2017 and provided a comparison with the same period in the previous year.


Inspector Khalid Khan addressed the meeting and presented his second area committee report on behalf of the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team.  His report explained the new Neighbourhood Policing Structure which had been in place since March 2018.  His presentation included the consultation process undertaken with communities to understand their concerns and to put in measures to address those concerns.  It was explained that this was in the form of street surgeries; Ward Officer Team meetings; Parish Council and community meetings.   Key issues which had arisen from that communication were reported and included bad driving; anti-social behaviour and drug related issues. 


Members were informed that the Neighbourhood  Policing Team had obtained funding, which had been match funded by Keighley Town Council to implement Operation Steerside which had resulted in a total of 369 driving prosecutions over a three month period.


Document “T” reported that specific attention had been paid to key anti-social hotspots.  Major issues had come to rise as a result of the hot summer weather in Ilkley and issues to address those, together with initiatives undertaken at Holden Park and Worth Valley Railway were reported.


Drug related crime was discussed and the success of Operation Saucerlake to target and disrupt those involved in the supply and production of drugs were detailed.


Work to target members of organised crime groups involved in all form of criminality was reported and subsequent arrests and sentencing were discussed.


Members were assured that reducing burglary dwellings was one of the key priorities of the Neighbourhood Policing Team and although there had been an increase in the overall number of recorded residential burglaries there were a number of reasons for that rise including changes in the recording process.  Incidents of travelling burglaries targeting the area were reported and particular incidents occurring in affluent areas were being addressed.


Assurances were provided that visibility was a key element of the daily work of the team and formed a core role of engagement strategy.  Attendance at key events in addition to ensuring Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) were present outside local schools and allowing direct interaction with parents, teachers and children was a priority. Early intervention was a key tool to divert youths from crime and the influence of negative role models and organised crime.  Work was on going with primary schools running the citizenship programmes within identified schools.


Details of the Police Cadet Scheme were discussed and Members were advised of a two year scheme with 21 cadets in the Keighley area.  The cadets met once a week at Keighley College and the scheme provided  ...  view the full minutes text for item 42.