Agenda, decisions and minutes

Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Thursday, 10th October, 2019 5.30 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1 - City Hall, Bradford. View directions

Contact: Mustansir Butt 

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ALTERNATE MEMBERS (Standing Order 34)

The City Solicitor will report the names of alternate Members who are attending the meeting in place of appointed Members. 



There were no alternate members.



(Members Code of Conduct - Part 4A of the Constitution)


To receive disclosures of interests from members and co-opted members on matters to be considered at the meeting. The disclosure must include the nature of the interest.


An interest must also be disclosed in the meeting when it becomes apparent to the member during the meeting.




(1)       Members may remain in the meeting and take part fully in discussion and voting unless the interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an interest which the Member feels would call into question their compliance with the wider principles set out in the Code of Conduct.  Disclosable pecuniary interests relate to the Member concerned or their spouse/partner.


(2)       Members in arrears of Council Tax by more than two months must not vote in decisions on, or which might affect, budget calculations, and must disclose at the meeting that this restriction applies to them.  A failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. 


(3)       Members are also welcome to disclose interests which are not disclosable pecuniary interests but which they consider should be made in the interest of clarity.


(4)       Officers must disclose interests in accordance with Council Standing Order 44.



No disclosures of interest in matters under consideration were received.



Recommended –


That the minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2019 be signed as a correct record (previously circulated).

(Yusuf Patel - 01274 434579)



That the minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2019 be signed as a correct record.



(Access to Information Procedure Rules – Part 3B of the Constitution)


Reports and background papers for agenda items may be inspected by contacting the person shown after each agenda item.  Certain reports and background papers may be restricted. 


Any request to remove the restriction on a report or background paper should be made to the relevant Strategic Director or Assistant Director whose name is shown on the front page of the report. 


If that request is refused, there is a right of appeal to this meeting. 


Please contact the officer shown below in advance of the meeting if you wish to appeal. 


(Yusuf Patel - 01274 434579)



There were no appeals submitted to review decisions to restrict documents.



No referrals were made at the time of the publication of thuis agenda.



There were no referrals to the Committee.



The Assistant Director Office of the Chief Executive will submit a report (Document “H”) which sets out the details of the procurement enquiry that Marketing & Communications – Design & Print Procurement Services proposes to tender and the relevant timelines to ensure compliance with the Council’s Contracts Standing Orders, FinancialRegulations and EU procurement legislation.


Recommended –

That the report be noted and the option to undertake the tendering exercise and publish the Print Services framework procurement enquiry also be noted.



The report of the Strategic Director of Corporate Services (Document H) set  out the Tendering of Framework Agreement for the supply of Print Services, which was was in line with the requirements of Contracts Standing Order 4.7.1 to report all proposed procurement exercises with a total estimated value of over £2million prior to commencement of the procurement tendering process.


The report set out the details of the procurement enquiry that Marketing and Communications, Design and Print Procurement Services proposed to tender and the relevant timelines to ensure compliance with the Council’s Contract Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and EU procurement legislation.


In response to a Member question, it was stated that there was no difference between the old and new contract.


Several Members commented on the need to make local organisations in Bradford aware of the contract tendering process.  However, Officers commented that they were in contact with local organisations in Bradford and that they also receive daily calls from local organisations about the contract tendering process.


Members ascertained whether there was any feasibility of undertaking this work in-house.  Officers indicated that this work used to be carried out in-house, however the cost was high and it was agreed that it would be more prudent for this work to be undertaken by external organisations.


There was some discussion around the social value of the Contract and officers highlighted that they were working with local companies.


Members also stressed the importance of ensuring that the paper used is environmentally friendly.  In response, it was reported that the use of environmentally friendly paper was specified in the job framework, hence suppliers were already aware of this in the contract specification details.




This Committee requests that the comments and views raised by members be considered by officers as part of the procurement exercise.


ACTION:  Strategic Director of Corporate Services



The Director of Human Resources will submit a report (Document “I”) which provides a progress update to Corporate Overview and Scrutiny on the Council’sCorporate Workforce Development Strategy 2015 – 2021. This was the recommendation from Corporate Overview & Scrutiny of 11 October 2018 that a progress report be submitted in 12 months time.


Recommended –


That Members note the report.


(Michelle Moverley – 01274 437883)



The report of the Strategic Director of Corporate Services (Document “I”) provided an requested update on the Council’s Corporate Workforce Development Strategy 2015-2021.


Previous reports had been presented;  with the last one being on 11 October 2018.


Members sought clarification about the number of employees who had undertaken the Talent Management Programmes and had then left the organisation to get promotion.  Officers agreed that they would supply this information to Members of Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


In response to Members questions about enhancing the apprenticeship opportunities for looked after children, it was reported that work was being undertaken with Children’s Services to further enhance opportunities for looked after children.


Members raised their concerns in relation to the low number of staff appraisals that have been undertaken across Bradford Council. Officers stated that some departments had undertaken more appraisals than other departments and some work had been carried out around culture change and supporting employees to use the appraisal system.  Members also heard that managers were receiving training and development  in ensuring that information was recorded on the Evolve system. 


Members sought clarification in relation to the role of HR Plus as there was a view that HR Plus were supposed to monitor performance reviews and also in situations where performance reviews had not been undertaken.  Officers highlighted that the HR Plus involvement was more related to where staff were not performing or where there were capability issues.




(1)          That officers be thanked for submitting a detailed report.


(2)          That this Committee requests that a further report be presented in 12 months which focuses specifically on:


(a)   Key outcomes;

(b)  Performance appraisals.


ACTION:  Strategic Director for Corporate Services



The Committee, at its meeting held on 11 April 2019, requested a report on the financial circumstances relating to Hanson School’s overspend.


The Strategic Director Children’s Services will submit a report (Document “J”) setting out Hanson School’s financial position.


Recommended –


(1)       The Committee is asked to consider and to note the information            provided in the report.


(2)       An update on the School’s financial position be presented to the           Committee early in the new calendar year.


(Marium Haque - 01274 431078)


The report of the Strategic Director of Children’s Services, (Document “J), provided Members with details of the financial circumstances relating to Hanson School’s overspend.


Officers informed Members of the timescale for the growth of the cumulative overspending, the governance timeline for the School, the pupil number reductions, the main reasons for the deficit and the ending of the Service Level agreement with the Gorse Academies Trust.


Members sought clarification  with regards to the Service Level Agreement with the Gorse Academies Trust ending.  In response, member were informed that the Service Level Agreement was ended by the Regional Academy Trust, as the Regional School Commission had discussions with Bradford Council about school improvement and raising the standards in the  school.


Members asked how the cost for the Gorse Academies Trust ending was being met.  Officers commented that the Regional Schools Commissioner had provided funding to the Gorse Academies Trust.


There was considerable discussion amongst members about the Academy Order that was still in place over Hanson School and how the Academy Order was the longest ever Academy Order in the Country, whilst at the same time Bradford Council maintaining that Hanson School was a Council maintained School.


Officers responded and indicated to Members that the Academy Order over Hanson School did not help.  Officers also informed members that the Academisation over Hanson School could only be lifted if Hanson School achieves a “good” OFSTED rating or if the Secretary of State determines that the Academisation Order is not suitable for the school.


Members were minded to ask a number of specific questions and seek clarification on the financial position facing Hanson School and it was felt that given the sensitive nature of these questions, it would be prudent to go into exempt session and it was therefore:


Resolved –


That the public be excluded from the meeting during the discussion on that Hanson School’s Financial Position on the grounds that it is likely that, if they were present, exempt information within paragraph 3, (financial or business affairs), of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, (as amended) would be disclosed and it is considered that, in all the circumstances, the public interest in allowing the public to remain is outweighed by the public interest in excluding public access to the proceedings.



Following the exempt session it was:




(1)          An update on the School’s financial position be presented to the Committee early in the new calendar year.


(2)          That this Committee asks the Portfolio holder for Education, Employment and Skills to ensure the views expressed by this Committee are communicated to the Minister.


ACTION:  Strategic Director for Children’s Services



The Chair of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee will submit a report (Document “K”) which sets out the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee work programme for 2019/20.  The Committee is asked to consider which items it wishes to include in the work programme.


Recommended –


(1)       That members consider and comment on the areas of work        included in   the work programme.


(2)       That members consider any detailed scrutiny reviews that          they may wish to conduct.

(Mustansir Butt - 01274 432574)


Additional documents:




The report of the Chair of the Committee (Document K) included the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee work programme for 2019/20.


The Overview and Scrutiny Lead presented the work programme for the Committee.




That the work programme continue to be kept under review.


ACTION:  Overview and Scrutiny Lead